Pascagoula, Mississippi
June 18, 2001

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Age 28 to 36 years old
Hair Dark brown, gray, close-cut
Height 5'5-1/2" tall
Weight 225 to 250 pounds
Build Stocky
Sex Male
Race White, possibly Hispanic
Scars and Marks Tattoo of the name JOHN, written in fine script in clavicular region of right upper chest, Old English script letter “E” or “F” on left forearm, Black outlined tattoo, 9 by 4 inches, of a peacock on the right upper back, “C” shape scar in left eyebrow, Scar on left side of nose, Possible gunshot scar on left wrist


An autopsy on the body by the Jackson County coroner revealed the following findings. In addition to being wrapped in black plastic, the body was wrapped in bed linens and carpet. The body was tied with nylon rope around the head, upper torso, waist and feet. The bed linens were soaked with blood that was dried. There was a fresh, close gunshot wound to the right temple which contributed to the victim’s cause of death.


On June 18, 2001, a man collecting cans along Old Stage Road, near the intersection of Pecan Road in Jackson County, Mississippi, discovered a dead body wrapped in black plastic sheeting on the shoulder. The crime scene was processed and the body was recovered and transported to the hospital morgue for examination.

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