August 30, 1978
Waterloo Township, Michigan

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Age 20 to 45 years old
Hair Black (natural), auburn wavy collar length wig
Height 5’2” to 5’9”
Weight 114 to 145 pounds
Sex Male
Race Black


Unknown Distinguishing Characteristics: May have had a sizable scar on right shoulder from surgical intervention. Missing 10 teeth including the two upper front teeth. Evidence of a healed nasal fracture.

Clothing/Belongings: Blue jeans (size 26 waist, 33 ½” inseam); violet long-sleeve blouse (size 14, 100% silk, label "IRKA"); beige long-sleeve blouse (size 5/6, 100% polyester, label "RD2"); reddish brown nylon neck scarf; panty hose; bra (size 34); bikini panty (size 4); glossy black high heeled shoes (4 1/2 inch) with gold tassel ankle tie; gold bracelet.


On Wednesday, August 30, 1978, the skeletal remains of a black male dressed in women’s clothing and a wig were found bound and wrapped in plastic trash bags. The male had a right shoulder surgical implantation of two large staples into the lateral aspect of greater tubercle of the right humerus and a 32 mm (1 ¼”) screw into the anterior border of glenoid fossa of the right scapula. He was missing 10 teeth to include his two upper front teeth and there was evidence of a healed nasal fracture. The cause of death could not be determined; however, based on how the body was found this case is considered a homicide. The Michigan State Police (MSP) Violent Crimes Unit (VCU) is requesting assistance with identifying this male and any similar cases.

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