Brewster, New York
October 9, 1995

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Age 40 to 50 years old
Hair Black, Short
Eyes Brown
Height 5'9"
Weight 165 pounds
Sex Male
Race Black or Hispanic
Scars and Marks He had a mole on the right side of his face near his nose.


On October 9, 1995, the body of an unidentified Black or Hispanic male was found in a wooded area adjacent to the Garden Street School in Brewster, New York.  The unidentified male was well-groomed, clean-shaven, with short black hair with a slightly gray, receding hairline, and a medium, brown-skinned complexion.  The teeth were in good condition and appeared to have no signs of dental work.  The man was dressed wearing a gold-chained crucifix necklace, brown leather Dockers penny loafers, dress socks, tan Hagger pants size 33x30, and two plaid button-down shirts: (1) long-sleeve green, black and yellow Kenneth Gordon shirt on the outside, and (2) short-sleeve Gentleman’s Row blue, green and red shirt underneath.  The deceased was last seen buying two expensive blankets at a curtain shop in New Rochelle on October 7, 1995.  It is believed the male traveled to Brewster on Metro-North.


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