Collier County, Florida
June 3, 1978

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Age 40 to 60 years old
Hair Brown
Height 5'0" to 5'5" tall
Weight Approximately 176 pounds
Sex Female
Race White


The victim had the following dental characteristics:

The mandibular section presents with ceramco bridges, that is porcelain fused to metal from the right lateral through the lower right second molar. The bridge is from the first bicuspid to the second molar. It has two bicuspid pontics suspended in between the cuspid and lateral, both of ceramco materials, are individual units. The lower left side has a similar situation. The left lateral is an individual ceramco unit. The first bicuspid and cuspid are double abutted for a five tooth bridge, which involves two large bicuspid pontics and a molar ceramco abutment. The victim was relatively free of all periodontal disease. It is estimated that the dental work was done approximately two (2) years prior to the time of death. For additional dental information please contact the investigative agency. A dental chart is available.


On June 3, 1978 victim’s body was discovered in a shallow grave, covered with brush, in the area of Florida State Road 29, just south of the interchange with Interstate 75 (Alligator Alley). The victim’s body was covered with a white substance, which was later analyzed and identified to be hydrated lime or caustic lime, which is used in such things as mortars and cements as well as agricultural purposes. Cause of death is the result of blunt force trauma to the head.

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