Sacramento, California
October 19, 2016

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  • Clothing Tag
  • Quilt Pattern 1
  • Quilt Pattern 2


Age 25 to 50 years old
Hair Black
Height 4'6" to 5'2"
Sex Female


The victim was wearing a sleeveless, striped knit shirt, "CIEN" brand.


On October 19, 2016, skeletal remains were discovered in the rear yard of a vacant lot in Sacramento County.  The remains were determined to be female, possibly Hispanic or Asian.  The remains were partially wrapped in a quilt with multiple patterns.  The anthropologist determined the subject had a well-healed fracture of the coccyx bone indicative of a traumatic event during life.  She also had several amalgam restorations and a partial denture plate, replacing the four upper front teeth.  None of her third molars ("wisdom teeth") were present.


DNA from the victim has been profiled and uploaded into the National Missing and Unidentified Persons DNA Database.

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