Dorchester, Massachusetts
October 14, 2005



Age 25 to 40 years old
Hair Black / Brown / Reddish (dyed)
Height 5'2"
Sex Female
Race White (Hispanic)


The woman had a partial dental plate and reconstructed porcelain teeth.  She wore Cherokee brand denim stretch pants (12A), Jolie Intimates beige panties (M), white socks, and had red plastic fingernails.


On October 14, 2005, the skeletal remains of a female were discovered in a chimney at an apartment complex in Dorchester, Massachusetts.  The chimney was used as an incinerator in the 1960s, but was out of commission since and blocked by an air conditioning unit.  Upon examination, the victim was believed to have been born between 1965-1980 and was described as being of small to medium build, with dark brown hair past shoulder length.  The victim was believed to be of mixed ethnicity, with no scars, tattoos, or broken bones, and had born a child(ren).  The victim had significant dental work, to include a distinctive dental plate that may have been constructed in a Caribbean nation or in the Northeastern United States by a dentist with training in the Caribbean.  Based on forensic genealogy, the victim’s ancestry resolves back to Brazil as a place of origin.


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