June 14, 1997
Little lake, Michigan

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The victim stutters.


On June 14, 1997 at 5:30 PM, Helena Ann Negrete, a 45-year-old white female who stood 5’5” and weighed between 100 to 125 pounds, was last seen in Little Lake, Michigan. That evening, Negrete attended a family celebration and at approximately 5:30 PM went for a walk on County Road 545 S. After approximately 30 minutes of Negrete being gone, her family began searching for her, to no avail. Ann, as her family called her, was wearing a white sweatshirt with pink heart and green trim, light blue jeans with a hole in one knee, white and blue tennis shoes, and a red and black head scarf. Negrete was reported to have been wearing a jewelry piece with ruby and emerald stone, trimmed with diamonds and wrist bracelet with "Ann" spelled out with diamonds. Negrete was known to stutter and was showing possible signs of dementia.

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