Ten Most Wanted Fugitives 401 to 500

#              Name                                                                  Date Placed on List                               Date Located

401       Donald Keith Williams                                           7/18/1986                                                8/20/1986

Williams was arrested in Los Angeles, California, by FBI Agents through assistance by a concerned citizen.

402       Terry Lee Conner                                                   8/8/1986                                                 12/9/1986

Conner was arrested in Arlington Heights, Illinois, by the U.S. Marshals Service and the FBI.

403       Fillmore Raymond Cross, Jr.                                8/8/1986                                                 12/23/1986

Cross surrendered voluntarily to the FBI in San Francisco, California.

404       James Wesley Dyess                                            9/29/1986                                                3/16/1988

Dyess was arrested in Los Angeles, California, when he was stopped on a routine traffic violation and recognized by a Los Angeles Police Officer.

405       Danny Michael Weeks                                           9/29/1986                                                3/20/1988

Weeks was arrested at his son’s home in Seattle, Washington, by an FBI Task Force.

406       Mike Wayne Jackson                                            10/1/1986                                                10/2/1986

Jackson died in Wright City, Missouri, from a self-inflicted shotgun wound.

407       Thomas George Harrelson                                   11/28/1986                                               2/19/1987

Harrelson was arrested in Drayton, North Dakota, while trying to flee the scene of a bank robbery.

408       Robert Alan Litchfield                                           1/20/1987                                                5/20/1987

Litchfield was arrested at Lake Tahoe in Zephyr Cove, Nevada, by FBI Agents in close cooperation with the U.S. Marshals Service and the sheriff’s office.

409       David James Roberts                                            4/27/1987                                                2/11/1988

Roberts was arrested in Staten Island, New York, in an apartment after hiding for four days. His arrest was due to an FBI investigation and citizen information. He had also seen himself on the America’s Most Wanted program.

410       Ronald Glyn Triplett                                               4/27/1987                                                5/16/1987

Due to an FBI investigation, Triplett was arrested in Tempe, Arizona.

411       Claude Daniel Marks                                             5/22/1987                                                12/6/1994

Marks, along with his partner, Willmott (412), surrendered in Chicago, Illinois.

412       Donna Jean Willmott                                             5/22/1987                                                12/6/1994

Willmott, along with her partner, Marks (411), surrendered in Chicago, Illinois.

413       Darren Dee O’Neall                                                6/25/1987                                                10/25/1987

O’Neall was arrested in Lakeland, Florida, by the Lakeland Police Department on auto theft charges. When his fingerprints were compared to those on record, he was identified.

414       Louis Ray Beam, Jr.                                               7/14/1987                                                11/6/1987

Beam was found at home with his wife in Guadalajara, Mexico. During the arrest, Beam’s wife opened fire and critically injured a Mexican police officer.

415       Ted Jeffery Otsuki                                                 1/20/1988                                                9/4/1988

Otsuki was arrested in Guadalajara, Mexico, by Mexican Federal Judicial Police and the FBI who set up a surveillance team and waited for him at his apartment.

416       Pedro Luis Estrada                                                4/15/1988                                                10/1/1989

Estrada was arrested by FBI Agents at his home in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He had been featured on America’s Most Wanted which received information leading to his arrest.

417       John Edward Stevens                                           5/29/1988                                                11/30/1988

Stevens was arrested by FBI Agents in Warren County, Ohio. He was found in a motel with his girlfriend.

418       Jack Darrell Farmer                                               5/29/1988                                                6/1/1988

Farmer was arrested in Lantana, Florida, after being featured on America’s Most Wanted. He was recognized by a co-worker who called into the show’s tip line.

419       Roger Lee Jones                                                   5/29/1988                                                3/4/1989

Jones was arrested in Butte, Montana, by the Butte Silver Bow Sheriff’s Department. A tip from the America’s Most Wanted television program led the FBI to Jones.

420       Terry Lee Johnson                                                6/12/1988                                                8/17/1988

Johnson was arrested in San Diego, California, by San Diego Police after being injured in a car chase. Johnson was held in custody in a hospital for the FBI.

421       Stanley Faison                                                       11/27/1988                                               12/24/1988

Faison was arrested in Detroit, Michigan, by FBI and local police. He had been featured on America’s Most Wanted which received information leading to his arrest.

422       Steven Ray Stout                                                   11/27/1988                                               12/6/1988

Stout was arrested by FBI Agents in Gulfport, Mississippi. A tip from the America’s Most Wanted television program led the FBI to Stout.

423       Armando Garcia                                                    1/8/1989                                                 1/18/1994

Garcia was arrested by Colombian authorities in Cali, Colombia. A tip from the America’s Most Wanted television program led international law enforcement authorities to Garcia.

424       Melvin Edward Mays                                             2/7/1989                                                 3/9/1995

Mays was arrested by the FBI’s Chicago Joint Terrorism Task Force in Chicago, Illinois.

425       Bobby Gene Dennie                                              2/24/1989                                                10/28/1989

Dennie was arrested in Lake Wales, Florida, by FBI Agents and Polk County detectives due to information received after being featured on Unsolved Mysteries.

426       Costabile “Gus” Farace                                        3/17/1989                                                11/17/1989

Farace was shot and killed by an unknown assailant in Brooklyn, New York.

427       Arthur Lee Washington, Jr.                                  10/18/1989                                               12/27/2000

Washington is wanted in connection with the attempted murder of a New Jersey State Trooper. Washington was removed from the “Top Ten” list because he no longer fit the stated criteria. He remains a fugitive.

428       Lee Nell Carter                                                       11/19/1989                                               11/20/1989

Carter was arrested in Detroit, Michigan, by FBI Agents and Detroit police. Citizens recognized him during a broadcast of America’s Most Wanted.

429       Wardell David Ford                                                12/20/1989                                               9/17/1990

Ford was arrested by FBI Agents in Groton, Connecticut. A tip from the America’s Most Wanted television program led the FBI to Ford.

430       Leslie Isben Rogge                                                1/24/1990                                                5/19/1996

Rogge surrendered to the FBI at the United States Embassy in Guatemala City, Guatemala, after an individual saw his photo on the FBI’s website and notified authorities. Tips from America’s Most Wanted also contributed to his arrest.

431       Kenneth Robert Stanton                                       10/24/1990                                               10/31/1990

Stanton was arrested in South Carolina by FBI Agents and York County Sheriff’s Department Officers. A tip from the Unsolved Mysteries television program led authorities to Stanton.

432       Patrick Michael Mitchell                                        11/23/1990                                               2/22/1994

Mitchell was arrested in Southaven, Mississippi, just after he robbed a bank.

433       Jon Preston Settle                                                 8/9/1991                                                 8/6/1991

Settle was arrested in Los Angeles, California, after receiving tips from citizens. His arrest occurred prior to the “Top Ten” press release date.

434       Robert Michael Allen                                             9/13/1991                                                12/23/1992

Allen was found dead. His remains were discovered in the California desert by three hikers.

435       Mir Aimal Kansi                                                     2/9/1993                                                 6/17/1997

Kansi was taken into custody in Pakistan, and then turned over to United States authorities to stand trial in America.

436       Ramzi Ahmed Yousef                                            4/21/1993                                                2/7/1995

Yousef was apprehended in Pakistan. He was convicted of the 1993 bombing of New York’s World Trade Center building.

437       Joseph Martin Luther Gardner                             5/25/1994                                                10/19/1994

Gardner was arrested in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by FBI Agents, Philadelphia Police Officers and the Pennsylvania State Police.

438       Gary Ray Bowles                                                   11/19/1994                                               11/22/1994

Bowles was arrested in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. Picked up for questioning in a local murder investigation, Bowles confessed to his identity which was confirmed by fingerprint identification.

439       Gerald Keith Watkins                                     3/4/1995                                                         5/5/1995

Watkins was apprehended in an apartment in Harlem by FBI Agents, the New York City Police and representatives from the New York State Parole Office.

440       Juan Garcia-Abrego                                               3/9/1995                                                 1/15/1996

Garcia-Abrego was arrested in Monterrey, Mexico, by Mexican authorities. He was expelled under Mexican law by the government of Mexico to Texas, where he was taken into federal custody.

441       Abdel Bassett Ali Al-Megrahi                               3/23/1995                                                4/5/1999

Al-Megrahi, along with Lamen Fhimah (442), was taken into custody in Holland after surrendering to Libyan authorities.

442       Lamen Khalifa Fhimah                                          3/23/1995                                                4/5/1999

Fhimah, along with Abdel Al-Megrahi (441), was taken into custody in Holland after surrendering to Libyan authorities.

443       O’Neil Vassell                                                         7/15/1995                                                10/16/1996

Vassell was apprehended inside an apartment in Brooklyn, New York, by FBI Agents and local police working closely with the Connecticut Fugitive Task Force.

444       Rickey Allen Bright                                                12/15/1995                                               1/7/1996

Bright was arrested in Nashville, Tennessee, by FBI Agents after receiving tips from a viewer of America’s Most Wanted.

445       Agustin Vasquez-Mendoza                                   8/3/1996                                                 7/9/2000

Vasquez-Mendoza was arrested without incident in Mexico as a result of international law enforcement cooperation.

446       Thang Thanh Nguyen                                            8/3/1996                                                 1/6/1998

Nguyen was taken into custody in Bac Lieu province by the People’s Police of Vietnam. He was transported to Bangkok, Thailand, and turned over to FBI Agents.

447       Glen Stewart Godwin                                            12/7/1996                                                5/19/2016

In March, 1981, Godwin was convicted of murder and robbery, and sentenced to life imprisonment. He escaped from Folsom State Prison in California and fled to Mexico where he was arrested and convicted of trafficking in cocaine. On September 26, 1991, Godwin escaped from Jalisco State Penitentiary shortly before his scheduled release to U.S. authorities. Godwin was removed from the "Top Ten" list after it was determined that he no longer fit "Top Ten" criteria.

448       David Alex Alvarez                                                12/14/1996                                               5/20/1997

Alvarez was arrested in Tijuana, Mexico, by Mexican law enforcement authorities.

449       Andrew Phillip Cunanan                                       6/12/1997                                                7/24/1997

Cunanan was found dead in a boathouse in North Miami Beach, Florida.

450       Paul Ragusa                                                           9/6/1997                                                 1/30/1998

Ragusa surrendered to authorities in New York, New York.

451       Ramon Eduardo Arellano-Felix                            9/24/1997                                                3/25/2002

Arellano-Felix was killed during a gunfight with Mexican police in Mazatlan, Mexico. DNA later confirmed his identity.

452       Tony Ray Amati                                                     2/21/1998                                                2/27/1998

Amati was arrested by FBI Agents in Marietta, Georgia. A tip from the America’s Most Wanted television program led the FBI to Amati.

453       Harry Joseph Bowman                                         3/14/1998                                                6/7/1999

Bowman was arrested at a residence in Sterling Heights, Michigan, by FBI Agents and local police. A tip from the America’s Most Wanted television program led to the arrest of Bowman.

454       Eric Robert Rudolph                                             5/5/1998                                                 5/31/2003

Rudolph was arrested in Murphy, North Carolina, when a local Sheriff’s Deputy saw him going through a dumpster.

455       James Charles Kopp                                             6/7/1999                                                 3/29/2001

Kopp was arrested without incident outside of a post office while awaiting the arrival of a package in Danon, France.

456       Usama Bin Laden                                                  6/7/1999                                                 5/1/2011

Bin Laden was wanted in connection with the 1998 bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya. These attacks killed over 200 people. Bin Laden was shot and killed during a US Government/Military operation in Pakistan.

457       Rafael Resendez-Ramirez                                     6/21/1999                                                7/13/1999

Resendez-Ramirez was arrested in Houston, Texas, due to the national response of the news media, as newspapers, television and radio gave massive coverage to track down Ramirez.

458       James J. Bulger                                                     8/19/1999                                                6/22/2011

Bulger, and his girlfriend Catherine Greig, were arrested in their residence in Santa Monica, California, as a result of citizen cooperation after a major media campaign.

459       Jesse James Caston                                             8/19/2000                                                12/20/2000

Caston was arrested in Lake Providence, Louisiana, by FBI and local authorities after barricading himself inside a residence.

460       Eric Franklin Rosser                                             12/27/2000                                               8/21/2001

Rosser was arrested in Bangkok, Thailand, after arriving at his English Teacher’s certification class. A tip from the America’s Most Wanted television program led the FBI to Rosser.

461       Aurlieas Dame McClarty                                       2/24/2001                                                2/14/2001

McClarty was arrested in Irmo, South Carolina, as he left a residence there. He was actually arrested before his addition to the “Top Ten” list was announced to the public.

462       Hopeton Eric Brown                                              3/17/2001                                                3/23/2004

Brown died during a gunfire exchange with the Jamaica Constabulary Force during a routine homicide investigation in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

463       Maghfoor Mansoor                                                5/23/2001                                                5/11/2001

Mansoor was shot and killed in the lobby of the hotel in which he was hiding in New York, New York. A taxi driver alerted law enforcement authorities to the hotel in which Mansoor was staying. He was actually located before his addition to the “Top Ten” list was announced to the public.

464       Francis William Murphy                                        6/6/2001                                                 5/20/2001

Murphy was arrested without incident in the attic of the house in which he was hiding in Buffalo, New York. An informant gave information to law enforcement authorities regarding Murphy’s whereabouts. He was actually arrested before his addition to the “Top Ten” list was announced to the public.

465       Dwight Bowen                                                        8/30/2001                                                8/22/2001

Bowen was arrested without incident as he left his job with a roofing company in Richmond, Virginia. He was actually arrested before his addition to the “Top Ten” list was announced to the public.

466       Nikolay Soltys                                                        8/23/2001                                                8/30/2001

Soltys was arrested in Sacramento, California, after he was found hiding in the backyard of his mother’s residence. A relative called in a tip to authorities telling them where Soltys was hiding.

467       Clayton Lee Waagner                                            9/21/2001                                                12/5/2001

Waagner was arrested in Springdale, Ohio. A clerk at a Kinko’s Copy Center recognized him from a photo on a wanted poster and called police. Waagner was arrested after a short struggle in the parking lot outside the Kinko’s Copy Center.

468       Felix Summers                                                       10/30/2001                                               12/13/2001

Summers was arrested without incident in an apartment building in Camden, New Jersey.

469       Christian Michael Longo                                       1/11/2002                                                1/13/2002

Longo was arrested without incident by FBI and local Mexican authorities at a campground outside of Tulum, Mexico. Upon their return from a vacation in Mexico, two Canadian citizens saw the Top Ten publicity on Longo and recognized him from their trip.

470       Michael Scott Bliss                                                1/31/2002                                                4/23/2002

Bliss was arrested at a hotel in Los Angeles, California. A tip from the America’s Most Wanted television program led the FBI to Bliss.

471       James Spencer Springette                                   4/25/2002                                                11/5/2002

Springette was arrested during a traffic stop in Caracas, Venezuela, by Venezuelan law enforcement authorities.

472       Ruben Hernandez Martinez                                  5/1/2002                                                 5/2/2002

Martinez was arrested without incident in Rio Bravo, Mexico, by Mexican law enforcement authorities.

473       Timmy John Weber                                               5/7/2002                                                 4/28/2002

Weber was arrested without incident at his residence in Las Vegas, Nevada, after a neighbor called law enforcement authorities when she saw him return to his home. He was actually arrested before his addition to the “Top Ten” list was announced to the public.

474       Richard Steve Goldberg                                        6/14/2002                                                5/12/2007

Goldberg was arrested in Montreal, Canada, at his residence by the Montreal Police and the RCMP. A citizen identified Goldberg from the FBI web site after a friend gave her a description of an individual who told him he was wanted by the FBI.

475       Robert William Fisher                                           6/29/2002                                                still on list

Robert William Fisher is wanted for killing his wife and two young children and then blowing up the house in which they all lived in Scottsdale, Arizona.

476       Michael Alfonso                                                     1/23/2003                                                7/16/2004

Alfonso was arrested in Vera Cruz, Mexico, after a tip from a television program, which aired on the Azteca America Network in Mexico, led the FBI to Alfonso.

477       Genero Espinosa Dorantes                                  8/14/2003                                                2/25/2006

Dorantes was arrested without incident in Tijuana, Mexico, by FBI and local Mexican authorities.

478       Diego Leon Montoya Sanchez                             5/6/2004                                                 9/10/2007

Montoya Sanchez was arrested without incident by Colombian authorities in LaPaila, Colombia.

479       Chaunson Lavel McKibbins                                 11/9/2004                                                10/29/2004

McKibbins was arrested without incident at a gas station in Atlanta, Georgia. A tip from the America’s Most Wanted television program led the FBI to McKibbins. He was actually arrested before his addition to the “Top Ten” list was announced to the public.

480       Jorge Alberto Lopez-Orozco                                3/17/2005                                                10/7/2009

Lopez-Orozco was arrested without incident in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, while he was hauling a load of metal into a scrap yard.

481       Michael Paul Astorga                                            4/1/2006                                                 4/3/2006

Astorga was arrested without incident in a hotel room in Juarez, Mexico, by FBI and Mexican law enforcement officials.

482       Warren Steed Jeffs                                                5/6/2006                                                 8/28/2006

Jeffs was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada, after being pulled over for driving a vehicle without valid license plates. Jeffs did not resist arrest by the Nevada Highway Patrol.

483       Ralph B. Phillips                                                    9/7/2006                                                 9/8/2006

Phillips surrendered to authorities after being cornered in the woods in Akeley, Pennsylvania.

484       John W. Parsons                                                   9/30/2006                                                10/19/2006

Parsons was arrested without incident at a small shack where he was sleeping in Chillicothe, Ohio. A citizen recognized Parsons and called the police.

485       Emigdio Preciado Jr.                                             3/14/2007                                                7/17/2009

Preciado was arrested without incident in Nayarit, Mexico, by the FBI and Mexican Ministerial Police.

486       Shauntay L. Henderson                                        3/31/2007                                                3/31/2007

Henderson was arrested without incident at the residence of an associate in Kansas City, Missouri.

487       Alexis Flores                                                          6/2/2007                                                 still on list

Alexis Flores is wanted for the kidnapping and murder of a five-year-old girl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

488       Jon Savarino Schillaci                                          9/7/2007                                                 6/5/2008

Schillaci was arrested without incident at his residence in San Jose de Gracia, Mexico.

489       Jason Derek Brown                                               12/8/2007                                                still on list

Jason Derek Brown is wanted for the murder and armed robbery of an armored car guard in Phoenix, Arizona, in November of 2004.

490       Michael Jason Registe                                          7/26/2008                                                8/27/2008

Registe was arrested without incident at a guest house on the Caribbean Island of St. Maarten. A tip from the America’s Most Wanted television program led the FBI to Registe.

491       Edward Eugene Harper                                         11/29/2008                                               7/23/2009

Harper was arrested without incident by the FBI and Wyoming Game and Fish Department in the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming, where he had been herding sheep.

492       Joe Luis Saenz                                                      10/19/2009                                               11/22/2012

Saenz was arrested without incident by the FBI and Mexican authorities in Guadalajara, Mexico.

493       Eduardo Ravelo                                                     10/20/2009                                               6/26/2018

Ravelo was wanted in El Paso, Texas, for racketeering activities, conspiracy to launder monetary instruments, and conspiracy to possess heroin, cocaine and marijuana with the intent to distribute.  He was arrested in Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico, based upon leads from FBI El Paso and the El Paso Safe Streets Gang Task Force.

494       Semion Mogilevich                                                10/21/2009                                               12/17/2015

Mogilevich is wanted for his alleged participation in a multi-million-dollar scheme to defraud thousands of investors in the stock of a public company incorporated in Canada, but headquartered in Newtown, Pennsylvania. He was removed from the List after it was determined that he was located in Russia and no longer fit Top Ten criteria.

495       Eric Justin Toth                                                     04/10/2012                                               04/20/2013

Toth was wanted for allegedly possessing and producing child pornography in Washington, D.C. and Maryland. He was arrested in Nicaragua.

496       Adam Christopher Mayes                                     05/09/2012                                               05/10/2012

Mayes was wanted for the kidnapping of four people and the murder of two of them in Tennessee. He was located in the woods of Mississippi, and shot himself. He later died. The two children were safely recovered.

497       Fidel Urbina                                                            06/05/2012                                               09/22/2016

Urbina was wanted for the alleged sexual assault of one woman and the assault and murder of a second woman in Chicago, Illinois.  He was arrested on his ranch in Mexico.

498       Edwin Ernesto Rivera Gracias                             03/14/2013                                               03/27/2013

Rivera Gracias surrendered to authorities in El Salvador.

499       Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara                                06/17/2013                                               04/29/2014

Guevara surrendered to Mexican authorities and was then extradited back to the United States.

500       Walter Lee Williams                                               06/17/2013                                               06/18/2013

Williams was arrested without incident in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, by Mexican Law Enforcement Officials acting on information provided by the FBI.