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  • Tractor Trailer Rigs Burned at Harris Feeding Company


During the early morning hours of Sunday, January 8, 2012, unidentified suspects cut through a fence at the Harris Feeding Company near Coalinga, California. Once inside, the suspects positioned numerous improvised incendiary devices, or IIDs, beneath tractor trailer rigs parked on the premises. After the suspects fled the area, timers on the IIDs initiated the detonation of each device. The ensuing fires destroyed 14 rigs with an estimated loss in excess of $2,000,000. While no drivers were sleeping in the rigs that night, several Harris Company employees were on site at the time of the detonation and could have easily been seriously injured or killed.


An anonymous claim of responsibility was subsequently released by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, posted on several websites, and delivered to various media outlets.

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