Murder on a Government Reservation
Los Angeles, California
June 8, 1989

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The FBI is offering a reward for information leading to the individual(s) responsible for the murder of Donald Wegner.


Unknown suspects are being sought in connection with the murder of an employee of the West Los Angeles Veteran's Administration (VA) Medical Center in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, California. On June 8, 1989, Donald Wegner, an Electrician at the VA, was the first person to arrive for work at the VA laundry building at approximately 5:30 a.m. as was his routine. Wegner's co-workers, who arrived for work and were still sitting in their cars, saw him enter the building, but they saw no one enter behind him. Approximately 20 minutes later, another co-worker entered the laundry building and found Wegner lying on the basement floor. Wegner was bleeding, but still alive, however, he died before paramedics arrived.


An autopsy determined that Wegner was beaten to death and that he had a lacerated liver and a fractured skull. A murder weapon was never found, and no suspects were identified.

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