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    Homicide, Serial Rape

    An unknown male suspect is wanted in connection with the attack and rape of a female jogger in the Fairmount Park section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This attack took place on April 30, 2003. Then, on July 13, 2003, the body of another female was found in the Fairmount Park section of Philadelphia. This female had been raped and murdered. She was last seen jogging in the area. On October 25, 2003, at approximately 6:30 p.m. in the same area as the two previous assaults, another female jogger was attacked and stabbed multiple times with a knife. She survived her wounds. Additionally, on August 11, 2007, a woman who was walking in Philadelphia's Pennypack Park was also attacked.

    Law enforcement investigation in the Philadelphia area has led police to link all of these attacks to each other.

    The unknown suspect wore a thin moustache and/or a jaw line beard. He may wear a hoop earring in his left ear and has a "widow's peak" hairline. He spoke broken English. The suspect also may ride a 10-speed, dark metallic, English Racer-type bicycle with curved white handlebars. (See additional images)

    At the time of the last attack, the unknown suspect wore a matching mesh sleeveless basketball shirt and short, light blue in color, with white stripes on the sides and white edging on the shirt. He wore a gold chain with a cross pendant around his neck. He also has scars, possibly from burns or stab wounds, on his upper left chest, shoulder, and arm. (Depiction are in additional images)

    Age: Late 20s to early 30s Hair: Short, tight, and curly
    Eyes: Unknown
    Height: Approximately 5'8" Complexion: Olive
    Weight: Approximately 150 pounds Sex: Male
    Build: Medium Race: White (Hispanic)
    Sketch created in 2003 Sketch created in August of 2007 Sketch of bicycle used by the suspect Sketch of clothing created in 2007 Sketch of scars and marks created in 2007