Unlawful Flight To Avoid Prosecution - Murder

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Fred Ropes, Fred Sweat, Fred Antone, James Michael Zecli, Billy Morgan, Billy Ray Shugart, Billy Shugart, Billy Ray Shugary, Billy Shugary, Bill Shugart, Michael Tackett, Mark Spencer, "Highway", "Travellin' Man", "Billie Willie"


Date(s) of Birth Used January 26, 1960, April 20, 1966
Place of Birth Michigan
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Height Approximately 5'8"
Weight Approximately 170 pounds
Sex Male
Race White
Nationality American
NCIC W738635287


Wert has the following tattoos:"Highway" on his upper-back/shoulder area; "Cheryl" on his chest; a picture of two hammers crossed with the words "CARNEY POWER" on his right forearm; and a picture of a skull and wings on his left forearm. He also has scars on both wrists. Wert has ties to Michigan, Indiana, and Florida, but has likely traveled nationwide as a truck driver and as a carnival worker.


On March 1, 1993, it is alleged that Fred Alba Wert shot and killed a man in Michigan after an argument over a former girlfriend. Before law enforcement authorities arrived, it is believed that Wert fled the scene on foot.


On March 2, 1993, a state arrest warrant for murder was issued for Fred Wert by the 36th District Court, Wayne County, Michigan. On March 19, 1993, a federal warrant was issued by the United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, after Wert was charged with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.


It is believed that after Wert allegedly committed the murder in Michigan, he fled the state using an assumed name and lived with a woman in Lone Star, Texas. In June of 1997, Wert was arrested in Texas for sexual assault under his assumed name. Before his true identity was discovered by local authorities, Wert was released and fled the area. This was his last known contact with law enforcement. On June 20, 1997, a Texas state arrest warrant was issued charging Wert with sexual assault, for allegedly raping a girlfriend's minor child.


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