February 15, 2017
Mezzeh, Syria



Date(s) of Birth Used January 6, 1958
Place of Birth Syria
Hair Gray
Eyes Brown
Height 5'8"
Sex Male
Occupation Psychologist
Citizenship Syrian and American


Kamalmaz is diabetic and requires regular medication.  He has ties to Mezzeh, Syria.


Majd Kamalmaz is a psychologist who was treating refugees in the region from war-torn Syria.  In February of 2017, he traveled to Syria to visit an elderly family member in Damascus.  During this trip, he was also looking to establish a clinic to aid those who have been traumatized by the Syrian civil war.  A day after arriving, Kamalmaz was stopped at a Syrian Government checkpoint in Mezzeh, a suburb of Damascus, and has not been seen or heard from since that day.


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