March 30, 2007
Tulum, Mexico

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Date(s) of Birth Used May 26, 1982
Place of Birth Israel
Hair Brown, Long, Wavy
Eyes Blue
Height 5'7"
Weight 120 pounds
Sex Female
Race White
Nationality Israeli


Dana Rishpy is a dual citizen of Israel and Germany.


On the night of March 30, 2007, an unidentified man was seen and photographed with Dana Rishpy, an Israeli National, at the Mezzanine Hotel in Tulum, Mexico. Dana Rishpy has not been seen since that night. The FBI and Israeli National Police are seeking the public's assistance with identifying the man.  He is described as a White male with a thin build. He appears to be either North American or possibly Australian. He is not a fugitive from the law. This information could help in locating Dana Rishpy and/or provide new information about her disappearance.

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