October 10, 2012
Maidan Wardak Province, Afghanistan


  • Caitlan and Joshua as seen in a video released in late August 2016
  • Caitlan, Joshua, and their children as seen in a video released in December 2016
  • Caitlan and her husband, Joshua Boyle
  • Caitlan and her husband, Joshua Boyle
  • Caitlan and her husband, Joshua Boyle
  • Caitlan and her husband, Joshua Boyle


Caity Coleman, Caity C. Coleman, Caity Coleman-Boyle, Caity Boyle, Caitlan Boyle


Date(s) of Birth Used November 2, 1985
Place of Birth Titusville, Florida
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 5'5" (167 cm)
Weight 150 pounds (68 kg)
Sex Female
Race White
Citizenship United States
Languages English, possibly Spanish
Scars and Marks Coleman has a small birthmark approximately the size of a dime underneath her skin on her right or left wrist; the right nostril of her nose is pierced; and she possibly has acne scarring on her face.
NCIC M330984554


It is believed that Caitlan Coleman gave birth to two children while in captivity.  Caitlan was six months pregnant when she was taken, and gave birth to her first son, Najaeshi Coleman-Boyle, in December of 2012.  Caitlan gave birth to another son, Dhakwoen Coleman-Boyle, in the summer of 2015.  Caitlan Coleman suffers from autoimmune hepatitis, but was not taking medication.


Caitlan Connemara Coleman and her husband, Joshua Boyle, are alleged to have been kidnapped by Taliban militants in Afghanistan on or about October 10, 2012 while traveling through Maidan Wardak Province, Afghanistan. Coleman, Boyle and their two children are likely being held somewhere within the Afghanistan/Pakistan region.

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