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    December 17, 1962
    Vineland, New Jersey

    On December 17, 1962, three-year-old William "Billy" Jones, Jr. was last seen outside of his neighbor's house in Vineland, New Jersey around 11:45 a.m. He was last seen wearing a light blue or grayish snowsuit with a navy collar and silver buttons, a hat that matched his snowsuit and tan high-top crepe-soled shoes with yellow laces. He reportedly had a dime in his pocket that was given to him by his mother.

    At the time of his disappearance, Jones loved dogs and would do anything for dogs.

    Jones has a vaccination scar shaped like a giraffe on the back of his left arm between his elbow and shoulder.

    • Billy Jones
    Date(s) of Birth Used: March 5, 1959 Hair: Brown/blond
    Place of Birth: Bridgetown, New Jersey Eyes: Blue
    Height: 3'6" (at time of disappearance)
    Weight: 35 pounds (at time of disappearance) Sex: Male
    Race: White
    Photograph taken December 25, 1961 Photograph taken circa 1962 Photo age-progressed to age 50 Jones’ sweater, not worn when he went missing The Jones home and neighborhood, January 1962 The Jones’ residence, May 1965