John Doe 17

April 24, 2016

This reportedly is an audiotape of John Doe 17 talking to an unknown victim.

Audio Transcript

“That way we can see how the suit needs to fit you. See, if we take-if he takes those pictures [background voice] then he can see what the suit needs to look like. [Background noise] All right, let me put it over your head and you can put your arm... Now, remember this is his... Looks like it will be nice and cool in the summertime, though. No, I didn’t say we could go swimming. Swimming is-it’s too cold out. Well, more than I want to pay for it right now. I think that part goes in the front. I think it’s shorter than the other side, I think it goes in the front. [Background noise] Take ‘em off your feet and turn ‘em around. Try that and see how it works.”

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