Conspiracy to Produce and Transfer False Documents; Transfer of False Documents; False Use of Passports; Aggravated Identity Theft



Mohsin Raza Amiri


Date(s) of Birth Used May 25, 1986
Place of Birth Karachi, Pakistan
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Sex Male
Nationality Pakistani


Raza is thought to currently be in Karachi, Pakistan.


Mohsin Raza and Mujtaba Raza are wanted for allegedly operating a fraudulent online business based in Karachi, Pakistan.  Since at least 2011, the business known as SecondEye Solution (SecondEye), aka Forwarderz, allegedly sold digital images of false identity documents including passports, driver’s licenses, bank statements, and national identity cards associated with more than 200 countries and territories.  SecondEye marketed these fake documents for use verifying online accounts, which allowed SecondEye customers to defraud payment processing companies, e-commerce businesses, social media, and social networking platforms.  On January 28, 2020, a federal arrest warrant was issued for Mohsin Raza in the United States District Court, District of New Jersey, Newark, New Jersey, after he was charged with Conspiracy to Produce and Transfer False Documents, Transfer of False Documents, False Use of Passports, and Aggravated Identity Theft.


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