Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution - First Degree Assault, Attempted First Degree Assault, Prohibited Use of a Weapon, and Third Degree Assault

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Francisco Juvera Molina-Neave, Francisco Molina, Francisco Javier Molina, Christian Morales-Santibanes, Francisco Neave, Christian Santibanez, Francisco Morales


Date(s) of Birth Used September 13, 1973, July 13, 1973
Place of Birth Mexico
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height Approximately 5'7"
Weight 160 to 170 pounds
Sex Male
Race White (Hispanic)
Nationality Mexican
Scars and Marks Molina-Neave has three freckles or moles in a cresent shape on his right cheek under his right eye.
NCIC W173996690


Molina-Neave, who was born in Mexico, has told people he was born in El Paso, Texas, where he attended elementary and junior high schools. The fugitive has ties to Colorado, Texas, California, and Mexico.


Francisco Molina-Neave is being sought for assault and the prohibited use of a weapon. Reports in this case allege the following: On July 5, 1997, Francisco Molina-Neave and his girlfriend attended a holiday party in the Denver Metro area. While driving home from the party, Molina-Neave, who was seated in the front passenger seat, began punching his girlfriend as she was driving. She stopped the car and pulled over. Molina-Neave got out and walked around to the driver’s side of the car where he continued to beat his girlfriend.


The assault continued until a passer-by showed up and ran over to the girlfriend. Molina-Neave then fled the area. The passer-by flagged down a vehicle occupied by additional witnesses who reportedly saw the beating. The passer-by asked the witnesses in the car to attempt to locate the suspect. They agreed to help and spotted Molina-Neave a short distance away. They told Molina-Neave to stop and that they had called the police. The suspect fled down an alley as police arrived. While setting up the perimeter the police heard two gunshots fired from the alley where the suspect was last seen. The gunshots were fired by two different guns. The officers observed the witness vehicle speed out of the alley. The witnesses were screaming that the same suspect, along with another Hispanic male, had allegedly shot at them and their vehicle. One of the occupants in the vehicle was screaming that she had been shot as well.


On January 21, 1999, a jury found Francisco Molina-Neave guilty on charges of first degree assault, attempted first degree assault, prohibited use of a weapon, and third degree assault. Molina-Neave fled from the courtroom as the verdict was read. A warrant was then issued for his arrest. On May 17, 2006, Francisco Molina-Neave was arrested on the warrant from Denver in San Antonio, Texas. He refused extradition, and a Texas court allowed him to post bond pending his extradition appeal. The suspect failed to appear and was arrested in mid-May of 2007. The Texas court set his bond for one million dollars. Molina-Neave posted the bond and was released. His appeal was denied on October 4, 2007, and he fled again. On March 13, 2008, a federal arrest warrant was issued for Molina-Neave, and he was charged with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.


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