FBI Hosts Wounded Warriors for First-Time Event

The FBI teamed up with Marines from the Wounded Warrior Regiment for a day of competition, networking, and camaraderie at the FBI Academy on May 22, 2019.

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Text Slide: Marines from the Wounded Warrior Regiment teamed up with the FBI for a day of competition, networking, and camaraderie at the FBI Academy on May 22, 2019.

Text Slide: The physical training and career fair event celebrated the partnership between the organizations while exposing the regiment’s Marines to job opportunities in law enforcement and national security.

Scot Huntsberry, Unit Chief, FBI Training Division: So the Marine Corps reached out and asked if the FBI would be interested in participating in a joint event—part career fair and then part athletic event. And we said “absolutely.” I think one of the things the FBI is able to do today is provide some encouragement and support to these wounded warriors, many of them suffering injuries seen and unseen. And they have a lot of challenges that they’re going to have to face, both physically and from a career standpoint. So the spirit of the day is helping our wounded warriors transition to the next phase of their career.

Marc Savine, Program Director, Wounded Warrior Regiment: When a Marine has injuries, combat related or non-combat related, that require medical treatment beyond six months, they’ll be assigned to the Wounded Warrior Regiment. About 90 percent of those Marines will transition out of the service due to the nature of their injuries. So the Marines in the Wounded Warrior Regiment, the Marines in general, bring a great deal of skills to the civilian workforce. And they’re ideal employees, ideal candidates, for jobs in the national security agencies.

Donald Dansby, Gunnery Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps: I’ve learned from Wounded Warrior Battalion that just because you’re injured it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not still able to be in the fight. Even if that does mean I transfer to a civilian entity, I can still contribute. I’m pretty excited about that, the opportunities.

Carlos Jimenez, Corporal, U.S. Marine Corps: So the best part of coming out here and working with the FBI agents is just the camaraderie and just them pushing us to do better.

Donald Dansby: The Marines that came out here, the wounded warriors that came out here…we came out not really sure what to expect and we were well received. And we were highly motivated by the motivation that the volunteer team brought, as well as, you know, to complement our own. And to me that was just one of the highlights of the day.

Marc Savine: The members of the Wounded Warrior Regiment are very appreciative to the FBI Training Division, the FBI as a whole, and the FBI National Academy for hosting this event. It will change the lives of those that attended—it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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