Wanted by the FBI: Seeking Public Tips on Top Ten Fugitive Eduardo Ravelo

The FBI is offering an up to $100,000 reward for information leading directly to the arrest of Top Ten Fugitive Eduardo Ravelo, who is charged in connection with the murders of a pregnant U.S. Consulate employee, her husband, and their friend in Mexico seven years ago.

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Mollie Halpern: This is FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive Eduardo Ravelo. Take a closer look at this photograph taken in 1998. Do you recognize this alleged murderer?

Here is an age-enhanced photograph of what Ravelo could look like in recent years, though he may have had plastic surgery.

The FBI is offering an up to $100,000 reward for information leading directly to Ravelo’s arrest.

An FBI agent investigating this case says Ravelo is known as the highest-ranking capo, or captain, of the Barrio Azteca gang in Mexico.

FBI Agent: He is the captain. He is the shot caller. He is responsible for everything that happens within the Barrio Azteca gang.

Halpern: Take a listen to Ravelo speaking his native language—Spanish—to see if it’s familiar.

Ravelo: Pos tienen que mover todo, de todos modos como quiera que sea. Si es ahorita, tiene que ser ahorita pero tienen que buscar allá otro lugar pa' que, pos pa' cambiar todo, güey. Sí, a ponerse, sí, en otro lado. Yo no creo que el vato vaya a salir con su chingera pero tomes tu precaución.

(English translation: Well, either way they have to move everything, one way or another. If it's right now, it has to be right now but they have to look for another place over there so that, well, to move everything, man. Yes, to place it, yes, somewhere else. I don't think the guy is going to open up, but take precautions.)

Halpern: Ravelo was most recently indicted on charges relating to the March 13, 2010 murders of U.S. Consulate employee Lesley Enriquez—who was four months pregnant—and her husband, Arthur Redelfs. It happened in Juarez, Mexico as the family was driving back from a child’s birthday party. The couple’s 7-month-old daughter was also in the car but was not hurt. The husband of another consulate employee, Jorge Salcido Ceniceros, was killed in a separate vehicle.

Barrio Azteca gang members under Ravelo meant to target a rival gang but shot the victims anyway.

Ruben Redelf lost his brother, Arthur, in the shooting.

Ruben Redelfs: Great guy. Just a gentle, gentle man. And I miss him every day.

Halpern: Ravelo was born in Mexico but has ties to El Paso, Texas. As you can see, he has tattoos—a scorpion on his chest and a picture of Jesus on his back.

Ravelo uses aliases. 

FBI Agent: He goes by “Tablas,” which is “Tables”; “Lumberman”; “2x4”—all those things that have to do with wood, because that is what he would use when he would beat people up and torture people.

Halpern: If you have any information about Ravelo, dial 1-800-CALL-FBI or visit the FBI’s website at tips.fbi.gov. With Wanted by the FBI, I’m Mollie Halpern of the Bureau.

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