Agent Alfred Tribble, Jr. Describes Joining FBI

Alfred Tribble Jr., a special agent in the FBI’s Houston Division who supervises investigations into human trafficking, civil rights violations, and violent crimes against children, worked in the banking industry before joining the Bureau 25 years ago.

Video Transcript

My name is Alfred T. Tribble Jr. Everybody calls me Al. I’m a supervisory special agent for the FBI. And I supervise a squad of professionals that are responsible for investigating human trafficking, civil rights violations, and violent crimes against children.

I started off in the banking industry. The banking industry gave me all of my skills necessary to join the FBI. So, when it was time to conduct the job search I wanted to be affiliated with an organization that was pristine, an organization that was very well respected. And the FBI was the top of the list.

I said you know law enforcement was something I was interested in. I was always interested in helping people, even in the banking industry. I had a title but my job was mentoring, assisting, helping, employing new resources. In joining the Bureau, I was able to bring those skills: interpersonal skills, writing skills, supervisory skills, and apply them to the Bureau and it’s just been a blessing because the diversity and variety of work that you find in the FBI is unlike corporate America or any other private entity. There’s so much that you can do here.

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