The Coming Storm

The Coming Storm is a movie that dramatizes the aftermath of a campus shooting, weaving within the story the best practices and lessons learned from active shooter incidents that have occurred throughout the United States.

Video Transcript

[♪ dark music ♪]

You treat me like dirt.

Worst than dirt, like I don't even exist anymore.

And when you do notice me it's only to treat me like shit in front of your teammates, and the rest of the school.

You could have any girl you want, but no you had to pick Stacy, the only girl I've ever loved. How am I going to compete against a football star?

You'll find out.

[♪ dramatic music ♪]

How am I going to compete against a football star? You'll find out.

So, what else do we know about him?

Well, he told one of my players last week that he bought a new gun.

But he's been hunting since he was a kid.

Oh, if he's a hunter that's not a change in conduct, but it does tell us he has access to guns.

What we're looking for now are behavioral clues that show change.

Randy quit the Spanish club last week.

KEN: Have you spoken with the teacher in charge of that?

I don't care about the Spanish club, it's obvious he's about to snap!

KEN: We respond to situations like this all the time, and what we see is kids like this don't just snap, they move through a series of behaviors on a trajectory towards violence.

[♪ dark music ♪]

[♪ upbeat music &

students chatting ♪]

MALE: Oh, this is just perfect.

Did you just not see me here at all?

You were going the wrong way in the first place.

OK, calm down, I need license and insurance from both of you.

Ugh! My husband is going to freak.

MALE: Yo, so is my mom, [cell phone rings] so thanks for that.

Hey! I'm on my way to my last final now.

MOM: Great, we'll be there in 30 minutes, will you be ready to go when you're done with your test?

I still have a little packing to do.

MOM: Sarah!

Mom, I didn't have time to pack last night, I had to study. This is a really tough class.

Sarah you know we have to be at the party by 3, and there might be snow coming.

Mom I got to go, I'm running late,

I'll see you soon. I love you, bye.

Wait, what were we studying late last night, girlfriend? Mixology?

SARAH: Yeah. [chuckles]

- Excuse me.

- Sorry.

[♪ dark music ♪]



[gun shots & scream]

Shots fired! Longfellow Hall.

[gun shots]

Lynott & Whalen en route.

There you are.

MALE: Take the shot Chief.

Take the shot.

[phone rings]


[phone rings]

This had better be important.


Danny, come on.

Injuries? What about the shooter? Who's on the scene?

OK, get a hold of tactical, call for mutual aid, and make that perimeter wide.

I'll be there in ten minutes.

[students chatting]

PROFESSOR: OK everyone, put your bags away. Please remember to put your names on your test, you'll have an hour for this exam.

[text message sounds]

[text message sounds & chatter]

How is Randy's relationship with his parents?

I'm not sure,

I know he's been a troubled kid since middle school.

[text message sounds]

I'm sorry I have to go, there's been some sort of shooting at the university,

Agent Simmons will stay.

KEN: Yeah.

I'm sorry I have to go too.

[♪ dramatic music ♪]

Can we get news on that?

MALE: Oh yeah, sure, sure.

[gun shots & screaming]

[♪ dramatic music ♪]

Call the President's office, tell them to put an incident alert, I want it out on all social media, and I want everyone waved away from east campus.

[incoming call]

I need to take this.

Give me some good news Mary.

I'm so sorry I just got the word,

I'm in en route, how can we help?

CHIEF: I've got one and possibly two shooters, and I've only got eight sworn on day shift.

I haven't talked to Wilson at State Police, but I'm going to need bodies.

I can send you tactical and evidence teams, and agents for interviews too, if that helps.

Send whatever you can, I'll see you there.


[♪ dramatic music ♪]

[phone rings]

Mary, what do you have?

MARY: Sir, I just got off the phone with Carl Stann, the new Chief at Appomattox.

MALE: How bad is it? What's he need?

MARY: There's at least one shooter, and multiple casualties.

We'll put you on speaker.

MARY: The Chief only has a few on shift, so he asked if we could send tactical, evidence collection, and agents for interviews.

He'll need immediate help with victim assistance, too.

Tell the Chief we'll send two evidence teams, tactical, and agents on the way.

Have you spoken to Headquarters yet?

Yes sir, I confirmed with SIOC that there was a shooter, and that we have someone scene shortly.

Mary, Metz and his people will be on their way to you shortly.

Sir, I'll connect up with evidence and get them going too.

Good, pull three CRIM squads, and the JTTF, and get them rolling along to help with interviews.

We can always send people home if we don't need them.

Yes sir. Don will stay here and coordinate with SIOC,

Headquarters will want to have a critical incident conference call soon to see what assets we might want to mobilize and support.

Lavelle, call me when you know more, I'm on my way there.

Yes sir, I'll be there in about five.


[police sirens]


Where is he? Where is he?


We're going from one to two.

[gun shots and commotion]

Help me, help. Help me!

[gun shots]

[gun shots]


[police sirens & screaming]

Put your hands up! Put your

hands up! Keep moving!

Keep moving!


REPORTER: We have breaking news of a shooting at the Appomattox University campus.

Now all we know right now is that students are reporting through social media that shots have been fired in at least one building on campus.

There's also reports of multiple injuries, it is unclear at this time if there is one or more shooters.

RADIO REPORTER: We have initial reports of a shooting on the Appomattox University campus.

We know this week marks the end of final exams before students head home from winter break.

[phone ringing] Come on Sarah pick up, pick up, pick up...

[phone rings]

[cell phone ringing]

REPORTER: As you can see it is still very chaotic.

MALE: Oh my god, we have so many graduates there.

We don't have a plan for something like this, it would be a nightmare.

Police and fire are trained for this all the time.

They can help you put a plan together.

REPORTER: Now we want to remind you that this is all unconfirmed information.

The university and campus police have not yet responded to our calls.

[police sirens & honking]

[police scanner radios]

CHIEF: Captain Wilson.


Hey Vince.


What's the status Denisa?

We have a shooter down,

Dave Whalen has been hit, but he's coming out under his own power with Lynott.

We know we have injured kids inside Longfellow Hall, and there are unconfirmed reports of a second shooter, and possible bullet strikes in the Science Building.

Vince, can you get that checked out?

Sure, I'm on it.

Can you get someone else to do it?

I want all the commanders here with me.


Fred, what do you have?

I've got 20 troopers in-bound from Division 2, and I can get more if you need them.



Fred. I've got two ambulances on-site, I have more on the way.

Command post is ten minutes out.

Good. We'll setup unified command here.

Do you have tactically trained EMS?

I do.

Good, we'll use them.

Fred, can your people take them inside?

I can give you three troopers right now.

We can set up tactical over there.

OK, that'll be great.

Hey Mary, what do we have from the FBI?

Tactical is beginning to arrive.

I guess we all get to go home then.

OK, Vince come on.

It's your show Carl.

Vince, we're here to support.

Look, we're going to need all the help we can get, my people are just now getting the long guns out of the lockout.

Evidence and a bunch of agents should also be here within the hour, but you've got a hell of a traffic problem back there.

OK, let's get a clean road in and out for the ambulances, and let's get this lot cleared for unified command.

DENISA: Got it.


[phone ringing]

She's not still answering.

DAD: Call 911.

[busy signal]

It's busy.

DAD: Ugh. [sighs]

[horns beeping]


[tires screech]

Can't come this way.

I'm sorry, backup.

[phones ring]

Appomattox PD, Kim.

Yes ma'am, is this an emergency?

Yes ma'am, we are aware of the situation.

We're currently experiencing a university emergency, would you be able to call back?

Is your life in danger?

Are you in danger?

Can you hold please?

- Would you hold please?

- Would you hold please?

OPERATOR: Yes, is this an emergency?

[phones ringing] Number 24, can you give me your location?

Is Thompson near you?

Jake! We've got students calling from inside the building, parents, the media, and I can't answer the phones and handle the radio.

I've already had two women call who think their son is the shooter.

Track down the Chief, and let him know we're overwhelmed here!

On it.

Appomattox PD, Spears, can you hold please?

CHUCK: Hi guys, Chuck Metz, how can we help?

Henry Collins,

I need two more to go in with EMS, can you do that?

Absolutely. How is your radio operability?

I'm the county.


Suggest we put your county guys on separate teams, we'll do the same.

MALE: You got to be kidding? We haven't trained with these guys.

It's a big building, we have to comms to do this right.

He's right, the training is the same everywhere you go, if you're number one in line, you're one, if you're two, you're two. Come on, let's do this.

[♪ dramatic rock music ♪]

[phone ringing]

[♪ dramatic rock music ♪]

CHIEF: Fred, who are they?

Harving County, I think.

Must have self deployed.


Find a staging area for all the stray cats, see if you can find their commanders, and send them over here.

Got it Chief.

Chief, dispatch is overwhelmed they can't get any calls out, couldn't reach you.

Give me an hour, and we can have an 800 number setup for victims and families, that'll take some pressure off.

Do it.

We can also get you some media people to help manage your communications.

That is not my top priority.

Look, the sooner you talk to the press the quicker you'll stem the panic.

Denisa, do you copy?

DENISA: Yes Chief.

The FBI is going to give us an 800 number to help with the victims and families.

They're also going to give us some media support.

Can you coordinate with their press people?

DENISA: Roger that, Chief.

[cell phone ringing]

It's my wife.

Stay with me and take messages.

Don't bother me unless it's important.

Tell Judy I'm OK, but I can't talk to her right now.

Yes sir.

Wow, status?

A shooter is down boss, but they're chasing reports of a second one.

We have multiple casualties, more than a dozen.

Who's running unified command?

Sir, Carl Stann, Chief of the Campus Police, former Newark PD, very competent, but he lacks capacity.

Vince Protani, Sherriff,

Clarence Thompson, Fire,

Fred Wilson, State Police.

Everyone is leaning forward,

Protani is making it a bit of pissing match.

That's Vince.

He's a good man though, I've worked with him.


Chief I'm Ron Czarnecki.

Chief Thompson.

Wilson, sir.

Chief, I know you've been working with Agent Lavelle, but is there anything else you need from us?

Yeah, you could shoot that damn thing down.

Well, I don't think I can shoot that down, but we can certainly clear the airspace.

- Great.

- Lavelle, call SIOC.

Thanks Ron.

REPORTER: This is live picture coming in, we're seeing it just as you're seeing it, for the first time.

So many students are coming out of this building in a panic.

Many of these students are simply running for cover.

Hands-up, or just running to get out.

REPORTER 2: They tell us there was a shooting in Longfellow Hall, someone opened fire on students taking final exams.

There's a lot we don't know right now. People did manage to flee Longfellow Hall.

One of them was Amy Alexander. Amy, what happened?

Uh, I was finishing my psych exam, and I came out, and I saw these two guys they were just shooting at everybody down the hall.

KEN: That's unlikely.


Well, in 15 years we've had maybe two incidents with multiple shooters.


Yeah. Cops show up in street clothes wanting to help, and they carry a gun.

People see them and think they're the bad guys.

Early information is often inaccurate.

[helicopter whirling]

CHIEF: What about the perimeter Vince?

State has the wide perimeter, Carl.

My people are dealing with campus traffic.

OK, good.

Clarence, what about the casualties?

CLARENCE: We're still moving wounded out of the building.

We setup casualty collection on the north lot.

Our preliminary is 10 dead, 25 wounded, most of which have already been transported to Central Hospital.


Victim assistance?

We're helping setup a family assistance center in the gym.

Headquarters is looking at securing financial and other resources for victims.

Good. What about witness interviews?

We're setting up in Stevens Hall.

We have buses taking kids over there.

The FBI is helping us handle the interviews.

There's hundreds.

CHIEF: Understood.

The long-term plan?

We're going to need to talk about manpower to sustain this investigation.

CHIEF: That's a big lift.

Yeah, but it's critical.

OK, we meet back here in one hour to talk about that.

What about the press conference plan, Fred?

Carl, you should be the face of this thing, this is your campus, your crime scene.

I hate talking to the press.

I know Carl, but I have to agree.

This first one should yours.

Now I can handle it if you really don't want to, but we do need someone who is going to be good with the press.

You only have to make a short statement now, and we expect your university president and the mayor will want to say something too, we can help your people with that.

Sir, we have Agent Schmidt working with Officer Laramore on talking points and setting up the press area.

She's been doing this for 10 years, she can walk you through the plan, it will take 15 minutes.

Chief, uniform.


I was just walking out of my classroom, and we heard noises out in the hallway.

What kind of noises?

Loud popping noises.

He had a hoodie up over his head, and was really in the shadows, so I didn't.

MALE: I just saw a lot of people running around, two big bangs, and I was just really scared in the moment, didn't know what was going on.

[♪ dramatic music ♪]

FEMALE: Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate and timely information.

FEMALE: How do we find her? What are we doing?

So I will be that person that is going to make sure you get that information, the best that we can.

DAD: She's five foot five, I don't know, 125 pounds.

MOM: She's 120 pounds.

OK, do you know what class she was planning on attending this morning?

Yes, it was chemistry, I believe.

OK, so she was attending chemistry.

Tom, Beverly, we're Rosemary's parents.

MOM: We remember you, have you seen Rosemary yet?


We haven't seen Sarah either.


[♪ dramatic music ♪]

[camera snapping photos & phones ringing]

We got lucky, C just gave a positive hit on quick capture.

Our shooter is Raymond Nichols, from Omaha, Nebraska, former student.

Dropped out of school last year, but was still living in town.


[phones ringing & chatter]

Let's try that.

- Sir, we found him.

- Great.

One assault charge in his home state of Nebraska, resulting in a restraining order.

That's his parents' address.

Call Omaha, let's get some agents out there.

Hey Don, the parents are in Omaha.

We should have something for you soon.

DON: Roger that.

Do you need any bomb tech support?

DON: No sir.

Stacy, victim assistance.

Sir, the 800 number is up and running.

We received emergency funding from DOJ to assist with victims and families, and four of our rapid deployment team members are on the scene to help setup the family assistance center.

Denise, media.

Don's office already has its public affairs specialist on-site. We'll be sending two additional, one from Boston, one from LA to help with national media, and long-term needs.

[♪ slow music ♪]


Sarah, oh my god.

Oh my god. [cries]

Thank god you're OK. [cries]

Have you seen Rosemary?

Her parents are here too.


Good afternoon.

I'm Carl Stann, the Appomattox University Chief of Police.

Behind me are County Sherriff Protani, State Police Commander Wilson, Fire Chief Thompson, and FBI Special Agent in charge Czarnecki.

We also have the university president and the mayor with us.

At approximately 9:45am today, a 21 year old male former university student opened fire on individuals in and around Longfellow Hall.

I can confirm we currently have 10 deceased, and approximately 25 wounded.

The wounded have been transported to Central Hospital

I can confirm that two police officers responded to the sound of gun fire within minutes, and engaged the shooter, killing him.

These officers saved countless lives today.

We've identified the shooter, and will release the name, pending family notification.

We've established a toll-free number, and urged those looking for information on loved ones to call for guidance and assistance.

This is an active investigation, and I will provide you information as soon as I can.

Our university website and social media feeds will post everything we say here.

Although we have received reports of a second shooter, we have no evidence to support this. And I want to assure you that we are confident that the campus is safe and secure.

We have a lot of work to do. We'll return here in 90 minutes to provide you with an update.

Our deepest sympathies go out to the families and loves ones who are dealing with this tragedy.

Our entire community mourns this senseless loss of life.

Thank you.

MEDIA: Chief, chief!

[media yelling over each other]

Our agents found Nichols' parents, they're cooperating fully.

Tough day.

Yeah, tough.

I'm not done yet.




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