Detective, Royal Thai Police

A police detective in Chiang Mai, Thailand, provides a street-level perspective on child sex trafficking and how the endemic problem affects perceptions of his city and country.

Video Transcript

Here is the place. It is the landmark of Chiang Mai, where people are hanging around. And it the most part where we get investigations started from here.

Where the nightfall and the tourist, or even the predator, they blend into the environment looking for boys or girls for prostitution.

It’s not that our Thailand is a beautiful country—a country of smiles, good food—it’s not that thing. It’s about cheap sex and where the demand and supply meet.

I can say it’s the playground, the playground for the predator that they are not only sitting behind a computer and chatting with a child. But this is they come for real, they’re hunting children for real.

If you spend a little bit time on it, you will starting to see there could be a potential group of child, potential victims. They need some money and they know where to go to or where to hang around.

If people hanging around with no reason is potential to be the victim of human trafficking, or potentially to be a victim of child abuse.

So that what we learn form the street is when we see them, okay, we can start to determine this is potential victim. And then when  we see the foreigner or even Thai people coming to make a conversation or talking with that potential victim. So we start it from there.

I grew up here. I feel at home here. I cannot stand when people do a bad thing here in my home, right?

I feel like having snake in your home, so you’ve got to do something. 

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