FBI Tampa Veterans Day Message

FBI Tampa chaplain Dan Middlebrooks delivers a Veterans Day message.

Video Transcript

So how does a veteran look at the flag? Let me give you our perspective.

Proudly it waves Old Glory, over the land of the free. It is a promise of hope and freedom. It is our symbol of liberty.

Red, white, and blue are its colors. Colors both brilliant and clear; the colors that have a far deeper meaning than the first may appear. You see, the red is for the blood of patriots who have died to free us; white is for justice and government of law; blue is for honor and faith and all we do.

This is our flag—this is Ole’ Glory—this is our red, our white, and our blue.

It’s been said that this country is the land of the free because of the brave.

As a retired United States military Army veteran of 26 years, I salute all of our veterans today on this Veterans Day—in our FBI and their families that have made the sacrifice of time and some made the ultimate sacrifice of their life to ensure that this flag continues to fly and wave well.

So, the next time you go buy a flag realize that it is not the wind that blows the flag, it’s the dying breath of every veteran that was willing to sacrifice his life to ensure that it stays flying.

Thank you for what you do, thank you what you continue to do, and may God continue to richly bless the United States of America because of the veterans that we have.

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