FBI Tampa Division Encourages Voters to Protect Their Voice

With election day just weeks away, FBI Tampa Division Special Agent in Charge Michael McPherson encourages voters to learn about the bureau’s Protected Voices initiative and how we all can #Protect2020. Visit https://www.fbi.gov/protectedvoices for more information.

Video Transcript

SAC Michael McPherson: Hello.  I’m Michael McPherson. Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Tampa Division. The November election is quickly approaching. The FBI and its election security counterparts are diligently working to protect YOUR voice from foreign adversaries trying to illegally influence the election process. You can be part of this effort too. Visit www.fbi.gov/protectedvoices and learn about foreign influence tactics, and simple ways to protect your digital devices, social media accounts and private Information. Together, we can safeguard our democracy. Remember, your voice matters, so protect it.

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