#UnexpectedAgent: Special Agent Sussana Iljazi

FBI Special Agents like Sussana Iljazi come from unexpected backgrounds. Learn more about Special Agent careers at FBIJobs.gov. It’s not the career you expected. It’s better!

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Special Agent Sussana Iljazi: My journey to being an FBI agent was not an easy one. In the immigrant community Igrew up in, there were certain expectations about women and their role in society. No matter what your circumstances in life, if there is something you want to do, you should pursue it. I was told that a woman cannot do a man's job. I'm here to prove them wrong.
My name is Sussana Iljazi. I am a supervisory special agent.
When I came to the bureau I initially came as a contract linguist working in a New York field office. I was also single mom of three sons.
Prior to joining, my impression of the FBI was based on books that I had read or television shows that I had watched. It wasn't until much later and until I actually got to work with FBI agents that I realized this is a job that I would actually love to do. Every assignment I have, I get absorbed into it and I want to do my best each and every time. Because, again, the mission is great, and the people make it even better.
While working as a contract linguist in New York, I experienced a tragic death of my sister, and I do not think I would have overcome the loss if it weren't for the FBI community being there for me--not only investing time to check on me to see how I'm doing, but also offering to assist. Supervisors, as well as special agents, were helping me, mentoring me, and guiding me through the process.
A critical part of serving the American people is to inspire the next generation. Agents--including myself--we go out there, we do talk to at-risk youth or children from challenging backgrounds and we show them the FBI experience. We also try to inspire them that, if you visualize yourself doing something and you work hard, you you can make it happen.
Do not allow being different to stall you from the path to success. Different is what the FBI wants, because the communities we serve are very diverse, and we have to reflect on that diversity. Diverse agents offer a fresh perspective, a different way of looking at things. Not only is the FBI a premier law enforcement and intelligence agency, but it's so much more than that. The sense of community, the sense of family you get at the FBI--you don't find that anywhere else.

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