Remembering Pan Am Flight 103: Stuart Cossar

Stuart Cossar, detective inspector for Police Scotland, describes the current state of the investigation into the bombing 30 years ago of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland.

Video Transcript

This still remains the largest terrorist attack in the United Kingdom. Two-hundred-seventy people lost their lives. And I think for the families, it’s extremely important that we as an organization do what we can to try and bring to justice those that were responsible for it. We know, for example, that there are people still alive in Libya who played a part in the conspiracy to kill. And it’s our duty and our responsibility to try and bring those people to justice.

This has always been regarded as a joint investigation with our FBI colleagues. We share information regularly, we update each other on what we’re both, both organizations are doing. That sharing of information is probably the most important part of the investigation itself.  

You know, if I had a message to tell the families or the people around the world is that this is very much a live investigation and we are hopeful that some point in the future that we will have potentially another trial and possibly another conviction.


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