#UnexpectedAgent: Special Agent Scot Huntsberry

FBI Special Agents like Scot Huntsberry come from unexpected backgrounds. Learn more about Special Agent careers at FBIJobs.gov. It’s not the career you expected. It’s better!

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Special Agent Scot Huntsberry: I rescued a little girl from a circumstance that was unspeakable. I will never forget the look in her eyes when she realized that she wasn't going to have to go back.
My name is Scot Huntsberry, and I'm responsible for overseeing training for new agents. Sometimes people ask me, why does a Special Agent have to take physical fitness tests, and the simple answer is, we need to make sure that you're able to do the job. It can be demanding. But I think the more subtle answer is, we also recognize that a strong mind resides in a strong body, and we encourage that.
So in college, I studied Biology. The closer I got to finishing that degree, the more I realized that I really enjoyed working with kids. Rather than going to medical school, my first job out of college was high school science teacher. I was able to be involved with some technology programs. They gave me some experience working with computers in ways I hadn't done before, and I realized it was something I enjoyed doing.
At that time, the FBI was really kind of waking up to the idea that computer crime was something they had to address. It was an emerging threat, and since I knew how to turn a computer on, that was the opening of a door to me that I had never really considered before.
If I can do it, anyone can do it.
When I showed up to the Academy, I really thought that my class would be full of former military and law enforcement officers. But, I realized that I wasn't alone, that there were folks from very different backgrounds sitting to my left and my right.
Look, we don't have shared experiences or common backgrounds, but I think the thing that really sets FBI agents apart is our ability to be flexible, creative, and deep down there's a need to serve the American people. It's really the diversity of experiences and backgrounds that we bring to the bureau that is our strength when it comes to our mission: protecting the American people.

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