Run. Hide. Fight.

This FBI training video shows patrons at a bar reacting to an active shooter incident. By employing the Run, Hide, Fight principles—as well as knowing the basics of applying Stop the Bleed techniques—individuals are prepared, empowered, and able to survive the attack.

Video Transcript

[background bar chatter]

Emily: Hi! Can I get you started with drinks?

[cell phone rings]

Tristan: Oh. Sorry. I gotta take this.

Sadie: We'll need a minute.


[talking on phone]

[shouting from back of restaurant]

[argument builds]

Waiter: Call 911! There's a guy --







Emily: Running makes you harder to hit...and improves your chances of survival.

Don't go up here!

Officer: Police! Where is he?

Emily: By the bar, blue jeans, black shirt.

Empty hands up, follow their instruction.


Sadie: I'm in the direct line of fire if I head for either exit. But I have other options to help me survive.

Guys! Come on. In here!

Come on. Go! Go! Go!

Lock and barricade the door.


Tristan: Both of my exits are blocked by the shooter. I gotta stay hidden.

I'm no victim. I'm ready for this.


Sadie: He's applying direct pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding until we can find a tourniquet.

In the meantime, turn off your phones and make a plan to defend yourself.




Tristan: We have to fight to survive.



If we control the weapon, we control the shooter. I'll go for the gun, he'll go for his arms, the bartender will go for the head.




Officer: Where is he?

[OFFSCREEN] We got him! Right here!

Officer: POLICE! Show me your hands!

Tristan: Over here!



Narrator: You can survive a mass shooting. If you're prepared.


Remember; Run, Hide or Fight.

RUN: Wherever you go, be aware of alternate exits. Quickly and cautiously evacuate in a direction away from the attacker.

Don't hesitate. Seconds matter.

Remember windows and emergency exits.

Leave belongings behind.

Keep your empty hands raised and clearly visible when exiting a building.

Follow all instructions from the police.

Don't stop until you're sure you've reached a safe location.

HIDE: If there is no safe escape route, find a good hiding place.

Lock and barricade the door.

Silence cell phones.

Prepare a defense plan.

FIGHT:  Fight only as a last resort.

Use available objects as improvised weapons.

Use teamwork and surprise. A coordinated ambush can incapacitate an attacker.

You're fighting for your life.

Don't fight fair!

STOP THE BLEED: A victim can die of uncontrolled blood loss in 5 minutes or less.

Apply pressure or a tourniquet to control severe bleeding.

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