Sister of Missing Woman Katelin Akens Marks Six Years Since Disappearance

Gabrielle Washington, sister of Katelin Michelle Akens, who was last seen in Partlow, Virginia, talks about how December 5 marks six years since she's seen Katelin.

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Interviewer: So, Katelin, how long has it been since you last saw her?

Gabrielle: Almost six years. December 5 will be six years. So getting up there quickly.

Um, I don’t really sugarcoat it. I honestly, when he’s like who or where is Katelin, I’m like Katelin is your aunt. You know, she’s my sister but she is missing. We don't know where she is.

I want her to be able to have a life and be happy and spend some quality time with her crazy nephew.

Interviewer: When you told Katelin that you were pregnant, tell us about that. How did she react?

Gabrielle: She was really excited. She was like, no, you’re lying, I don't believe you.

And I was like, yeah, no, I really am. I sent her the screenshots and she was like, oh my gosh. Like I’m going to come down to Virginia when he’s born. I can't wait. I’m super excited.

You know, she was just there; like, she wasn’t there, obviously, because she was in Arizona. But she was really there, like, virtually. She was super excited. She always, like, asked how I was doing or how the baby’s doing. She wanted ultrasound pictures. She was the reason why I was able to put up a Pack ‘n Play because I had no idea what I was doing.

And I just called her and I’m like, look Katelyn, I don't know what I’m doing and I’m getting frustrated and I need somebody to tell me how to do this. And, um, yeah.

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