Mother of Katelin Akens Marks Six Years Since Daughter's Disappearance

Katelin Michelle Akens' mother, Lisa Sullivan, shares that she and her daughter each have butterfly tattoos and she often thinks of Katelin when she sees butterflies. Lisa shares her regret of not having said more to her daughter the last time they were together, clearly not realizing that would be the last time she would see her.

Video Transcript

Me and Gabi went down to Lake Havasu to visit Katelin. Me and Katelin got tattoos down there. And she had gotten butterflies and I had gotten butterflies.

These are my butterflies. And hers are on her arms. I got mine here and then, um. It don't look as good as it used to.

She’s always like butterflies. In some way, she has.

And when I’m outside, I always see black and yellow butterflies everywhere. Which is pretty cool, because she always liked butterflies like that.

Interviewer: And it immediately reminds you of her?

Lisa: Yeah, it does. When you see the little black … it’s always black and yellow. And I was told yellow is like the color for the missing. So I always see the black and yellow everywhere.

Katelin was 19 when I saw her last. She’s 25 now. It’s just … it never should have happened. I should always know where my daughter’s at.

I think about the day I dropped her off. I should have said more to her. I didn't know that was the last day I was going to see her.

You know, I should have been more … I should have been … because I was like, alright, I’ll see you later. I’m going to go to work. Text me. Let me know when you get to the airport. I should have said more than that but I didn't know.

I’ll always try to find her. I’ll always be … try to find her. No matter what it takes.

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