PSA: Business E-Mail Compromise Scam

Public service announcement warning of the dangers of business e-mail compromise scams (BECs).

Video Transcript

Man: Did you make that transfer to Hong Kong for the Emerson project?

Woman: I was just about to. But did you see the boss’ e-mail? It doesn’t look right.

Man: It looked fine to me.

Woman: And I don’t remember him mentioning the Emerson project at our last meeting...

Man: The bank in Hong Kong closes in 15 minutes. Make the transfer!

Woman: Yes, sir. Money’s on the way.

Man [on the phone]: Mr. Jacobs, just transferred the money for the Emerson project.

Mr. Jacobs [over the phone]: What Emerson project?

Voiceover: Don’t be that guy. Trust but verify.

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