Don’t Turn a Blind Eye, Report Border Corruption to the FBI

Public service announcement asking for assistance in identifying public servants sworn to protect our borders who may be participating in illegal activity.

Video Transcript

Narrator: This is a message from the FBI.

Special Agent Alfredo Duran: Every day at America’s borders, drugs, weapons, and even people are illegally smuggled into our country. 

This threatens our national security. 

Some public servants sworn to protect our borders are turning a blind eye and lining their pockets.

The FBI’s top criminal priority is to take down these corrupt officials.

For example, the FBI and task force partners arrested a federal officer who accepted bribes to allow vehicles loaded with people and weapons to cross the border near San Diego.

At the airport in Buffalo, the FBI stopped a corrupt officer who helped a drug trafficker bypass security.

The FBI leads 17 Border Corruption Task Forces composed of more than 30 federal, state, and local agencies who work hard to protect the integrity of our borders, ports of entry, and terminals.

But we need your help to win this fight.

If you live near, work at, or cross the border, you can be our eyes and ears. 

When you witness public corruption, don’t turn a blind eye—report it to the FBI.

Narrator: Report public corruption at

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