Prepare to Survive

This FBI training video describes how to employ the run, hide, and fight tactics to survive an active shooter incident. Although set in a house of worship, these principles can be applied anywhere.

Video Transcript

Narrator: Most active shooter events are over within five minutes.

Over 35 percent end in less than two.

They're rare, but they happen.

When attending a mass gathering, scan for escape routes and other places that might provide protection.

Pre-planning will shorten your reaction time and help overcome the tendency to freeze.

Survival is tied to action.

RUN if you can.

It makes you a harder target and puts distance between you and the attacker.

Don't hesitate.

Seconds matter.

If running is too risky, HIDE in a secure place.

Lock or barricade yourself in.

Turn off the lights and silence phones, then plan an attack strategy

in case the shooter enters.

FIGHTING is always your last resort.

But if you must, empower yourself.

Find something to use as a weapon and don't fight fair.

First Responders will be on the scene within minutes. Until then... it’s up to you.

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