FBI Portland Issues Statement on Unrest and Requests Public Tips

FBI Portland Special Agent in Charge Renn Cannon issued a statement about the unrest in Portland and requested the public's help if they have information about criminal activity.

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My name is Renn Cannon, and I’m the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Portland office.

The death of George Floyd and many others have prompted communities across our nation to examine the relationship between law enforcement and the people we serve. That work is worthy of everyone’s attention.

What concerns me in Portland, however, is that violent agitators have taken control of the stage. They are using criminal violence to crowd out everyone else. The violence of a few is diminishing the voice of the many.

It’s hard to move forward in Portland when we spend night after night working to counter violence in the streets. Law enforcement wants it to end. The community needs it to end so we can move into 21st century public safety the right way. Change can be hard and messy. Our commitment in the FBI is to conduct investigations with the integrity you expect. Knowing we are human and therefore not perfect, we undertake that commitment with resolve and with humility.

The FBI’s mission is to uphold the Constitution and to protect the American people. We can do both, and we will do both. We will do everything we can to protect your First Amendment right to protest and make your voice heard. We will also work to keep everyone safe. To that end, please know that criminal activity is not protected. There is no permit for assault, arson, or significant property damage. This violence has real victims, among them business owners, residents, and individuals exercising their Constitutional rights.

I want to ask you for your help. If you have images or video evidence of criminal activity that is taking place in the city of Portland, please visit the FBI’s digital media tipline where you can upload these items at fbi.gov/PDviolence. Please help us if you can.

I also want to reiterate very clearly the FBI does not pursue individuals who are exercising their right to protest, and we do not investigate ideology. We will, however, pursue individuals who commit crimes because their rights end when they violate the rights of others.

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