FBI Phoenix Tech Tuesday: Cyber Hygiene

FBI Phoenix Special Agent in Charge Craig Moringiello discusses staying safe from cyber criminals.

Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Craig Moringiello of the FBI’s Phoenix Field Office and I lead a team of cybercrime special agents and professional staff who spend their days trying to keep us all safe from cyber criminals.

How many times have you said—or heard friends say—I‘ve been hacked? Probably a lot.

Those three little words can have a big impact on your cyber safety and security.

Keeping you and your families safe from cyber criminals is a serious job that when ignored can put a tremendous strain on how you live your life online.

Malicious cyber activity not only threatens you but also the public’s safety as well as our country’s national and economic security.

Now that we’ve turned the page on a new year, perhaps it’s a good time to refresh your memory about what you can do to protect yourself from cyber criminals and learn how you can report cybercrime to the FBI to try to help us help you.

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