FBI Partnerships and the Office of Private Sector (60 Seconds)

Leaders in the private sector and the FBI describe the need to work as partners. The FBI's Office of Private Sector builds, enhances, and supports strategic relationships with private industry and academia to protect economic and national security.

Video Transcript

Michael Sullivan: The FBI's Office of Private Sector works to provide one voice for the FBI connecting industry leaders and FBI professionals, to address emerging threats facing the private sector.

FBI Director Christopher Wray: The more a company engages with us about what we are worried about and what threats they're seeing, the more we can leverage each other, for a common defense.

Chris Davis: We partner with the FBI pretty much daily, weekly for sure.

Larry Wansley: Our partnership with the FBI is exceptional, and it's needed. Our nation, our security, our safety, our well-being depends on it so much.

Brenda McAdoo: As private sector coordinator, I'm here to listen to a corporation's concerns, help them identify risks, and then, through partnership, mitigate those risks. Start your partnership today by calling your local field office and asking for the private sector coordinator.

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