Trailer: Chasing the Dragon

Movie trailer for Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict

Video Transcript

(Individual shots of various people talking)

- All I wanted to do, if it had been in front of my face, is do it.

- It just turned me into a monster.

- I never thought any of this would ever happen to me. Once we started getting high, it was done.

- I’m a criminal. I’m an addict, that’s how everybody will always perceive me.

- That drug was so much more important to you than me.

- From the moment that I got Oxycontin, it took over, and that’s when my addiction started.

- You can be the smartest person in the world, but the minute that chemical hits your bloodstream, you lose control. You can’t control it, nobody can control it, I don’t care who you are.

- Somebody approached me and said ‘Well here, try this,’ and it was Oxycontin 80.

- That’s how this problem always starts.

- Started taking three at a time, and then I was taking four at a time, and then I started taking…

- I became addicted that day.

- When you’re getting high, it’s not just a drug.

-You’re hooked.

-Five hundred dollars going to dope

-Convicted felon at the age of 18.

-I had maggots in my legs.

- I turned to prostitution.

- Stealing from my family.

- Married mother of three and I’m stripping.

- It will take you to hell and back.

- It’s not just a little pill.

- It takes control of you.

- I started using heroin.

- The same heroin that just killed me.

- You can’t go back and say I’m sorry.

- It will win.

- It will get you.

- Her sister found her.

- Died in her sleep.

- My daughter.

- She was dead.

-  And that was the end.

- This is the largest drug epidemic that we have ever faced.

- Being addicted to opiates is like chasing a dragon. You’re constantly seeking that first high, but what’s gonna happen if you actually catch it?

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