Sights and Sounds of Pre-Deployment Training

Sights and sounds from training FBI personnel receive before deploying to combat theaters in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Video Transcript

Instructor: Good morning everybody.

Students: Good morning

Instructor: For the next 16 hours we're going to be providing you with a course that I'll think you'll find very interesting, very relevent, and very useful to the world you're about to go into overseas.

Instructor #2: Alright, so yesterday you learned some skills, today you learned some skills, you got the introduction to scenario stuff. Now you guys are experts. You've gone through three scenario-based trainings, you understand all the ins and outs, you understand that mannequins don't really talk a whole lot, uh, and we're going to go through this last one and have some fun and make some good decisions.

Instructor #3: You see the backs of all those helmets and everybody's attention is focused the other way? That's when they're going to light you up. They're going to light you up. And they take delight in doing it.


[Gunfire and yelling]

Instructor #3: Again, your choice. Ready? Up.

[Rifle fire, bullets hitting metal targets]

[Reloading ammunition]

Instructor #3: Go ahead and load two 20-round magazines; pass out two dummies to each group and make sure they have at least one in each magazine

[chatter and mechanical sounds]

[wind blowing, metal clanging on flagpole]

Instructor #4: That's NGRS right there. Ok, so you know you have a WIGS-84 NGRS map, you have your magnetic north, you have a scale, you have enough to go on. The one below is a freebie. That's an overhead shot, obviously, from a satellite.

Instructor #5: You're not going to have to roll 10 fingers or slap 10 fingers and then do the four-finger slaps and the thumbs; you just do fingers and thumbs and it's going to fill in. And I'll show how that works and just do it on my own.

Instructor #6: So with this mock environment that we provide we're able to determine: is that someone that is safe to their comrades and to themselves overseas. And we're trying to do everything we can to minimize potential dangers.

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