Seeking Robert Levinson

The family of retired FBI Special Agent Robert Levinson last December released this “proof of life” video and also issued a plea to Levinson’s captors. More at:

Video Transcript

My name is David Levinson and I’m speaking on behalf of my mother, Christine Levinson, and my entire family.

I am making a plea to the people who are holding my father. My mother has received your messages.

Please tell us your demands so we can work together to bring my father home safely.

Thank you for taking care of my father, and for continuing to provide him with the care and medical treatment he needs to stay alive.

My father is a loving and caring man who has always worked hard to provide for his family.

He is a father of seven children, a dear husband, a grandfather of two beautiful children and the pillar of our family.

We are not part of any government. And we are not experts on the region. No one can help us but you. Please help us.

We tried to contact you. But you never responded.

I am sending this message because we need to know what you want our family to do so that my father can come home safely.

We will do everything within our power to bring him home.

I don’t know how else to communicate with you. But my father knows how to contact us.

We don’t know what else to do. Please tell us what you want. And please help us bring my father home.

This is the video we received from you. This video was a comfort to the family, because it shows us that my father is alive and that he looks healthy.

For my beautiful, my loving, my loyal wife, Christine, and my children and my grandson, and also for the United States government.

I have been held here for three and a half years. I am not in very good health. I am running very quickly out of diabetes medicine.

I have been treated well. But I need the help of the United States government to answer the requests of the group that has held me for three and a half years.

And please help me get home. Thirty three years of service to the United States deserves something. Please help me.

Bob, I will continue to do everything I can to bring you home alive. All I want is for our family to be whole again.

We love you. We miss you every day. We will not abandon you.

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