Officials Discuss the Potomac River Rapist

Investigators encourage the public to come forward with information about the murderer and serial rapist. More at

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Ron Machen: Investigations like this take a lot of time and a lot of pieces come together. And so the missing piece could be something that an individual knows. We need people to come forward with whatever information they have, no matter how significant they may think the information is.

Ron Machen: It’s never too late to bring justice to the victims and their families. We believe the individual who was responsible for these attacks is still out there and we need the public’s help solve this case and hold him accountable.

Ron Hosko: In this case, the leads have gone cold. We are approaching the Holiday season and the hope is that if the subject has traveled away from the area, that he may be coming back for a visit...and that family members or friends or associates who live here may once again, come into an association with this person and may come forward to law enforcement to help us identify the person who was perpetrating these crimes.

Ron Hosko: Somebody knows who this is; someone has seen suspicious activity; somebody was privy to a conversation , whether it was first-hand or second-hand; somebody heard or saw or knows something and its that person who we need to call.

David Gillespie: This person would enter upon a residence, these crimes occurred inside the victim's residence. They were women who were either home alone or home alone with young children. Once he was inside it would be like a blitz attack, in all of these cases he covered their head with either a blanket or pillow case and then would commit his crimes.

David Gillespie: There’s no piece of information that's too small or any information that we would be interested in looking into.those are the things that sometimes fill the holes and will bring this case together. So we would like for anyone with any information or any idea on who this person might be to contact their local police department or the FBI.

Michael Farrish: Once we became aware of the association of the crimes in Montgomery county, where they were occurring and where our murder occurred, we definitely began to think that he was familiar with one or both areas... he lived in one and worked in the other or worked and lived in both. But he knew both areas pretty well, as none of them are what you would call, on the beaten path.

Michael Farrish: We know that especially being over there in the Georgetown University area, people come and go, students come and go, and especially being near friends and family around the holidays, that it will jog someones memory.

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