Pedro Mascheroni Meets with Undercover Agent

Undercover footage of Pedro Leonardo Mascheroni, a scientist formerly employed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, who was sentenced for communication of classified nuclear weapons data to a person he believed to be a Venezuelan government official.

Video Transcript

Pedro Leonardo Mascheroni: You know what is this?

Undercover: A nuclear warhead?

Mascheroni: Right. That is a nuclear warhead. I know how to design this. I know how to calculate this.

Undercover: Mm Hmm.

Mascheroni: So you see the situation. And now the United States is going to be really hungry for oil. Only options that we have. Solar cannot do it. Wind cannot do it. Only options you have just nuclear and oil for the United States.

Undercover: And oil, there’s only so much.

Mascheroni. And oil there’s only so much. And the other thing is particularly Venezuela is a very vulnerable nation.

Now picture the following scenario. Picture that Venezuela could have 40 nuclear weapons. Just 40, with missiles. And it’s 2020. The United States will not invade Venezuela.

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