Legal Attaché Describes FBI Role in Afghanistan

Legal Attaché Bob Jones describes the FBI's unique role in the U.S. mission in Afghanistan.

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The International Operations Division has a three-pillared structure for overseas operations: capacity-building, information and intelligence exchange, and general investigation.

It's kind of the big picture of what we do.

They've got a very robust investigative capacity inside both the Ministry of Interior and the National Director of Security.

But we can make them better.

We hope to have an Afghan Major Crimes Task Force looking at organized crime, kidnapping, and public corruption that we can walk away from.

We're going to build it and then we're going to leave it here for the people of Afghanistan.

The Director's asked me to focus on those areas that the FBI can bring great investigative capabilities to.

And what do we do in the States? We do kidnappings. We do organized crime. We do public corruption.

When I bring those mentors out here to work with those 200 Afghan investigators from the MCTF, I'm bringing them true duty experts that can walk the walk and talk the talk.

We capitalize on those inherent skills that every agent, analyst, or support personnel brings over here when it comes to collecting information and sharing it and processing it into intelligence and sharing it with other organizations.

We have folks all over the place with our partner organizations that share things with us.

We can push it out to people that use it every day.

After 9/11, the Counterterrorism Division chanmged dramatically.

Everything we do now is global. And it's important that we have these kind of connections everywhere.

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