Hungarian Police Colonel István Farkas Discusses ILEA

Colonel István Farkas oversees Hungarian staff at ILEA Budapest. At a July 17, 2015 ceremony in Budapest, Hungary, the International Law Enforcement Training Academy (ILEA) marked its 20th anniversary.

Video Transcript

Whoever comes here as a student is a law enforcement professional. We try to celebrate the person a little bit. We try to make them feel that it is indeed very important what they are doing—that they are not just ordinary people. But they are everyday heroes.

I do believe that after one spends seven weeks at ILEA cannot live and act as a law enforcement officer as before.

I am sure that not only the instructors but also the fellow students representing various countries have a deep impact on the mindset of students.

And if you can produce and transfer these new views and new approaches to whole generations of law enforcement professionals, they will have an impact on the whole system.

The American law enforcement professionals are not conducting a marketing activity here. And they are not presenting success stories here. What they do is they transfer true knowledge.

They also help us to see the person behind the law enforcement professional. They also demonstrate the fact that it’s good to remain human. And it’s worth remaining human even if we conduct our activities sometimes in inhuman circumstances.

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