EAD Anderson Discusses Cyber Hiring Initiative

Robert Anderson, executive assistant director of the FBI's Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch, talks about initiative to hire cyber experts.

Video Transcript

Cyber, it permeates every aspect of what we do, whether it’s counterterrorism, criminal investigations, or traditional cyber attacks as we’ve seen in the recent past. That’s why these type of people are so important to get into the pipeline and come into our organization.

Traditionally we recruit from all aspects of the country’s academia. But we’re putting a big focus on cyber background now.

What we want are people that are going to come and be part of a team, and an energetic team that is working different very complex types of investigations and to utilize their skillsets in that team environment.

That’s something that I think we offer. And the mission sets which we operate on no one else has.

The role that the FBI plays in cyber investigations across the United States is pretty clear. We work either national security cyber investigations or major complex criminal investigations that have a cyber nexus.

I do think the biggest thing you can offer to anyone that comes to work at the FBI is the mission and the scale of investigations that you work inside the FBI. It doesn't matter where you go, it doesn't matter who you work for, you can't get that anywhere else but the FBI.

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