Director Mueller’s Police Week Message

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller recognizes and thanks law enforcement colleagues during National Police Week.

Video Transcript

Hello. I am FBI Director Bob Mueller.

And on behalf of the men and woman of the FBI I want to recognize and thank all of our law enforcement colleagues as we observe National Police Week.

During this week we pay tribute to your service. Your jobs demand great sacrifices. And every day as you put on your badges and go to work you live out the meaning for the words like duty, honor and bravery.

This week we especially honor and remember those men and women who have given their lives to protect their fellow citizens.

In recent years we have seen a dramatic increase in line-of-duty deaths. Unfortunately the latest report indicates this trend continues.

Each of these losses is devastating. And each one reminds us that the safety and the freedom we enjoy come only at great cost.

We must continue to seek ways to reduce the threats to our officers, our deputies, our troopers, and our agents.

The FBI is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with our law enforcement colleagues as we continue our work together to protect our families and our communities.

Thank you again for your committment and your service.

God bless.

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