Danish Police Commissioner Discusses Partnership With FBI

Jens Henrik Højbjerg, commissioner of the Danish National Police, talks about the working relationship with the FBI through the Bureau's legal attaché in Copenhagen, which also liaisons with Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Sweden.

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I would like to take the opportunity to say that we in general terms are very, very satisfied with the cooperation that we have. It’s a very professional, it’s a very trusting cooperation. And every time we cooperate with the FBI we professionalism, we see experience, we see very high standards in all respects.

So every time we are together with the FBI it’s really rewarding and it gives value to our investigations and very often sets a broader perspective up to these investigations.

So when it comes to cyber crime we can learn a lot from the FBI, really. And at the same time we also see when we go into this area there are links to other crime areas and more or less you can't do an investigation today which is not involving technology. For example—a very basic example—you have domestic violence, then you see the next day you have the criminal, he’s boasting about what he did on Facebook or he twitters, or whatever. So it’s all connected.

The FBI are present all overt he world where we can't be. We’re simply too small. But we take advantage of your presence in different countries—in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia. So if we have sharing crime problems with these different countries we know that we can go to you and you can also help us find the right channels.

And so this is another advantage for us, working with the FBI, that we can also take advantage of your network, your relationships, your contacts. And this is very, very helpful. Yes, it’s very valuable for us.

We also appreciate very much the personal contact—that we can look into each other’s eyes—because it’s about trust and it’s about having a relationship which is getting much more closer when you get to know each other in another way.

Therefore it’s important that there is an office here in Copenhagen because you can't just fix everything via the phone, via the Net, via e-mail Twitter, Facebook, whatever. You use full channels because the personal relation is also very important.

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