Bank Official Discusses Laundering Money

Surveillance footage shows a bank vice president discussing creating fictitious businesses to launder money.

Video Transcript

Well yeah, just with some fictitious businesses and I’ll handle the rest. You set up the businesses, I’ll handle the deposits. I always wondered. I mean, I’ve been in banking for so long. I’m like, no one’s ever contacted me to try to deposit money. I’m like, I can’t believe it. I’m like, I seem like, uh, I’m like, do I look like too clean, look some people do think that I’m clean cut, the way I come off.

Well you are clean cut. You look clean cut. But, you know, we have larcenous hearts.

Well, you know what? Do I give a [expletive] about money laundering? I don’t. To be honest with ya. You know, it’s earned money. The guy earned the money.

That’s right.

You know, I gonna, I’ll deposit a little dr..., like drabs, you know, 100 g’s, I mean put in like five fictitious businesses. I mean, I can probably get that in within a month. The whole 100 g’s.

You could do 100,000 a month.


That’s 15 grand in your pocket a month.


Every month.

That’d be retarded. I can’t even think of that.

Well, you ready for it?

Yeah, Yeah.

Okay. That’s cool.

So, he has that much cash on hand?


Oh my [expletive].

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