The Nevernight Connection

This FBI and National Counterintelligence and Security Center film—inspired by the case of former CIA officer Kevin Mallory—details the fictional account of a former U.S. Intelligence Community official who was targeted by China via a fake profile on a professional networking site and recruited to turn over classified information before being arrested. The FBI and NCSC seek to raise awareness of this issue and help individuals in the private sector, academic and research communities, and other U.S. government agencies guard against this threat posed by foreign intelligence services. More at

Video Transcript

Screen text: Washington, D.C.

Agent Somers: What’s this?

Agent Schilling: This is someone targeted on RavIN, who may have sent classified information to Chinese intelligence.

Agent Somers: Let’s keep an eye on him.

Music and opening credits.

Announcer: … Daniel Landry!


Daniel Landry: Wow. Thank you. It is once again my pleasure to be in your great city.

Screen text: Shanghai

Landry: I’m trusting you with my life.

Bartender: Baijiu. Chinese vodka. It’s very good. You try.

Landry: Oh!

Bartender: You like?

Landry: I like. I like very much.

Cell phone buzzes

Landry: Hey, sweetheart.

Diane Landry: How’d your speech go?

Landry: It went well. It went very well.

Diane: Have they asked for anything more from you?

*** Flashback ***

Thomas Wu: As promised.

Landry: I trust your people liked what they saw.

Wu: Yes! Your document is very informative.

Landry: I was talking about the presentation.

Wu: The presentation! Yes, yes! Very good. Lots of pictures. The students should be pleased.

Landry: I’m sorry it took so long to get you the information.

Wu: About the document ... My colleagues agreed, the information was perhaps too—how you say—vanilla? They are requesting more specific details regarding your experiences with the Navy’s program.

Landry: You know I have to be careful here. You know, I’m comfortable with everything I’ve given so far, but strictly speaking, I don’t know how much further I could go.

Wu: Not to worry, Daniel. They are not asking you to do anything wrong. No official documents. Just what’s in here. That belongs only to you. We would, of course, pay more for this information.

Landry: You’ve been more than generous already.

Wu: And we are happy to provide it, Daniel. Your cooperation is opening the ocean’s resources to the betterment of all nations. Come. We must celebrate today’s success!

*** End flashback ***

Landry: I’m thinking this is going to be a long-term relationship.

Diane: You are still planning to come back tomorrow, right?

Landry: Of course. But I hope it won’t be long before my next visit. Hey, maybe you should come along next time. I’ll ask, anyway. You might like it here.

Diane: Ummm ... maybe. But, tomorrow ... You know I can pick you up, right? It’s really no problem. You just have to tell me where. Dan? Are you still there?

Landry: I need to call you back.

*** Flashback ***

Landry: I didn’t expect to see many like me here.

Wu: There is much opportunity here for Americans. You have come at a good time.

*** End flashback ***

Bartender: Will there be anything else?

Landry: Uh ... yeah. Can you turn it up?

Landry: The volume. I need to hear this.

Television Newscast: Walters, a resident of Silver Spring, Maryland, allegedly shared highly classified information with the Chinese …

Landry: Wait. What happened? I need it louder, not off.

Bartender: Is not off. Is not there. You see?


Landry: What’s going on?

Phone rings

Diane: Dan? What’s going on?

Landry: Diane, turn on one of the big news channels and tell me if there’s anything about this Walters guy. 

Diane: Who’s Walters?

Landry: That’s what I’m trying to find out.

Diane: Does this have anything to do with you? 

Landry: No, but I think I know him. Sort of.

Diane: Got it.

Landry: Put the phone up to the speaker.

Television Newscast: Sources say Walters was first approached by Chinese intelligence operatives using the popular resume-hosting website, RavIN.

*** Flashback ***

Wu: Can you see me now?

Landry: No, nothing.

Wu: I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong. May we proceed anyway?

Landry: Sure. I’d like to know what you’re offering.

Wu: Here at the Southeast Asia Maritime Institute, our desire is to create an ethical and environmentally sound framework for the development of the world’s deep-sea resources.

Landry: Okay.

Wu: We are seeking high-profile experts in the field to write scholarly papers on the subject.

Landry: I’d hardly consider myself a high-profile expert.

Wu: According to your information on RavIN, you managed the U.S. Naval Unmanned Undersea Vehicle program for 10 years.

Landry: One of many, yes. But I can’t discuss my involvement. It’s confidential.

Wu: Not to worry, Mr. Landry. We have no interest in military matters. Sadly, the world’s militaries are at the forefront of new technologies.

Landry: Okay?

Wu: We do not wish for you to compromise your country’s secrets. However, if possible, we’d like you to illustrate how new technologies will open the door to exploration when it reaches the private sector. Are you comfortable with that?

Landry: I might be.

Wu: Good! Please, allow me, you worked out of the Naval Surface Warfare Center at Dahlgren, yes?

Landry: I did. Retired three years ago.

Wu: Oh. That is a long time. Would you be opposed to contacting former colleagues about recent advances?

Landry: No. Provided it’s not concerning classified information.

Wu: Ah yes, of course! Then what we are offering you, Mr. Landry, is $1,500 U.S. dollars for a white paper about how new unmanned vehicle technologies will affect undersea exploration. If it is found favorable, you will fly to Shanghai to deliver it at the university. All expenses paid. Does this interest you?

*** End flashback ***

Television Newscast: When we come back, we’ll visit with national security expert Clay Bishop to discuss Chinese …

Diane: Is that what you wanted, Dan?

Landry: Yeah. Sorry. Thanks.

Diane: Dan, I know something is bothering you. If you tell me what’s wrong, maybe I can help. You know you can trust me, right?

Landry: No. I mean yes! Of course I can trust you. Nothing’s wrong. I’m just surprised, is all. Hey, this phone’s about to die, and I haven’t packed. I’ll call you in the morning from the airport.


Cab Driver #1 (in Chinese): Where can I take you?

Landry: English?

Cab Driver #1: Where?

Landry: Anywhere with Wi-Fi.

Cab Driver #1: Wi? Fi?

Landry: What? Um, sorry, uh ... vafé. Starbucks.

Cab Driver #1: Just kidding.

*** Flashback ***

Television Newscast: … using the popular resume-hosting website, RavIN.

Wu: No official documents. We would, of course, pay more for this information.

*** End flashback ***

Cab Driver #1: You don’t like hotel coffee?

Landry: Excuse me?

Cab Driver #1: Starbucks is very expensive in Shanghai.

Landry: I think I’ll be alright.

Cell phone chimes. Car horns honk

Cab Driver #1: Oy! Sorry. Girlfriend. WeChat. You have WeChat? Is better than Skype.

*** Flashback ***

Wu: Here. I want you to use this phone to contact me. Use the WeChat application for voice, text, image, and file transfers. I’m already in your friend list.

Landry: WeChat? I’ve never heard of it. Is it any good?

Wu: It is completely secure from both governmental and matrimonial surveillance. Don’t worry. It’s very popular in China. Much better than Skype.

Landry: Hmm.

*** End flashback ***

Landry: Stop!

*** Flashback ***

Landry: Is there something special going on, or is it always like this?

Wu: The weather?

Landry: No. I mean the crowds.

Wu: Shanghai was one time called Nevernight City. Always busy.

Landry: What’s it called now?

Wu: Paris of the East, I think. I don’t care for it as much. There. That’s our company headquarters.

Landry: Isn’t that where we’re going?

Wu: No, we’re going to the hotel. Less formal that way.  Maybe you come again. I’ll arrange a special dinner for you in the executive dining room.

*** End flashback ***

Security Officer (in Chinese): The building is closed.

Landry: Southeast Asia Maritime Institute! I need to see someone!

Security Officer: Closed. Open tomorrow.

Landry: Thomas Wu!

Security Officer: Yes. Closed. Tomorrow.


Gaming Café Attendant (in Chinese): Enjoy.

Phone buzzes

Landry: Hey, sweetheart.

Diane: Dan, I need to know right now if you’re in any kind of trouble.

Landry: What do you mean? What happened?

Diane: Rob Carson just called.

*** Flashback ***

Rob Carson: I thought it odd you would reach out to me after all these years.

Landry: It’s not what you think. Rob—

Carson: I can’t give you that kind of information. And frankly, it pisses me off that you thought I would!

Landry: No offense intended, Rob. Please. Forget it. Honestly, I wasn’t even asking for myself. I’m … just trying to point some people in the right direction. That’s all. Really.

Carson: I’ve lost my appetite. Give my best to Diane.

*** End flashback ***

Landry: What did Rob say?

Diane: It’s not so much what he said. He wanted to know where you were … were you okay. Then he asked if I was okay. Then he said he was sorry, and he hung up. What does he have to be sorry for? What is going on? Dan, please. Talk to me.

Landry: It’s just a misunderstanding. I’m going to clear this up in the morning, and I’ll explain everything when I see you. I promise.

Diane: So you’re still coming back as planned?

Landry: I wish I was home already.

Diane: I wish you’d never left.

Landry: Good night, sweetheart.


Gaming Café Attendant (in Chinese): I’m sorry, sir. Are you okay?

Computer Gamer: Hey! Hey!


Office Manager: How may I be of assistance, sir?

Landry: Ah! English. Good. Please, I am just trying to locate a friend of mine, Thomas Wu. He works for the Southeast Asia Maritime Institute.

Office Manager: There is no Southeast Asia Maritime Institute. You must be mistaken.

Landry: Then the mistake is yours. I was here—right here—just a couple of months ago. Could you look again, please?

Office Manager: I am sorry. You misunderstood. There is no Southeast Asia Maritime Institute anywhere. I can find no record of any company under that name in Shanghai. Also, there is no documentation of a Mr. Thomas Wu ever being granted access to the building. Perhaps you were given false information.


Cab Driver #2 (in Chinese): We have arrived.

*** Flashback ***

Agent Somers: Rebecca.

Agent Schilling: Do these things ever work?

Agent Somers: Never. Listen. Landry sent classified information over the intelligence officer’s hacked WeChat account. Confirmed.

Agent Schilling: Can we pick him up?

Agent Somers: Left for China this morning. We can get him on the way back.

Agent Schilling: Let’s go talk to the wife.


Diane: So you’re still coming back as planned?

Landry: I wish I was home already.

Diane: I wish you’d never left.

Landry: Good night, sweetheart.

Diane: He’s a good man.

*** End flashback ***

Agent Schilling: Daniel Landry?


Television Newscast (in Chinese): (Text translation): U.S. Cold War Mentality Leads to Another Baseless Accusation of Chinese Espionage. (Spoken translation)” Outraged citizens continue their protest outside of the American Embassy in Beijing over false claims of Chinese espionage involving the U.S. citizen Daniel Landry. Politburo member Xu Chaoqun says the U.S. is using Landry as a propaganda tool to reignite cold war fears in order to win important contracts for its own companies to develop 5G telecommunication networks throughout the world. Chaoqun says their ploy will not work since the U.S. has been unable to prove any credible connection between Landry and the Chinese government.


Screen text: Daniel Landry was sentenced to 20 years in prison for conspiring to transmit national defense information to the People’s Republic of China.


Carson: I didn’t want to say anything. Denial, I guess. Five years working side-by-side. You think you know a guy.

Security Officer: And how long after you met with Landry did you learn he’d contacted other coworkers?


Screen text: Tips from Landry’s former colleagues to their security officer helped lead to his arrest.

Screen text: The preceding video has been a work of fiction based on true events.


Screen text: Former CIA officer Kevin Mallory was sentenced to 20 years in prison for conspiring to transmit national defense information to the People’s Republic of China. Mallory was first approached by Chinese intelligence officers using a fake profile on a social media platform.


Police Officer #1: Sir! Step away from the vehicle for me. Stop what you’re doing. Turn around, put your hands behind your back. Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, you’re under arrest.

Police Officer #2: Stop. Take five steps backward. Drop the keys. Go ahead. We’re going to turn you over to the FBI. Understand?


Screen text: China’s intelligence services have targeted thousands of individuals in the U.S. and other Western nations for recruitment using social networking platforms. Those targeted include current and former government officials, business persons, academics, and researchers—anyone with access to information they want.

The threat is real. Think before you link.

The FBI needs your help. Report suspicious social media activity to


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